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District motor, sport and energy machine

Third place 06/2021

Awarded third place in the competition, the design by EM2N for the sports centre in Zurich Oerlikon is in urban planning terms an emblematic volume with inclined baldachins covered with photovoltaic panels that is intended to serve as meeting place for the population and a kind of motor for the district. The projecting sails spatialise the facades and shelter both the football pitch on the roof as well as areas of the outdoor swimming pool and the entrance. The different functions are combined under a big roof to produce an ecologically pioneering ‘sport and leisure machine’ that pulsates throughout the day and the year. A generously dimensioned spiralling staircase system is a public spatial continuum that connects the stacked areas for various sports with numerous spatial and visual references. The exhibition of the competition entries can be viewed from 24 June to 4 July in the Kunsteisbahn Oerlikon, Siewerdtstrasse 80.

283 OER 06/2021