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A high-rise building as energy machine and materials store

Second place 09/2023

EM2N’s revised design for a vertically organized building on the Zurich abattoir site that houses a mix of functions including Wache West rescue services, the city archive, and a woodchips-burning heating and power station was awarded second prize. The new high-rise building is consistently developed as a materials depot made up of separate parts that are fitted together and can therefore be easily dismantled and combines different methods of generating energy in a single project. The new building is the first element and the starting point in the transformation of the former abattoir into an open quarter with spaces for education, culture, administration and commerce. It has a widely projecting roof and a public belvedere on a rooftop level that can be used in diverse ways and establishes relationships to the roofscapes in its surroundings.

315 WWS 09/2023