Never demolish – as found

The proposal by EM2N for the complete renovation of St.Gallen Centre of Vocational Education and Training (GBS) was awarded third prize and was purchased.

The guiding principle behind the design, ‘not building is the most sustainable approach, new-build was yesterday’, is very much a sign of the times.

Entered under the code name ANNA, the project affirms the historical and structural value of the complex that dates from the 1970s and pursues

a consistent strategy of continuing the existing building. Making the most minimal interventions and an extremely small footprint, by doubling the main wing (AN+NA)

the existing organisational principle is retained and a simple ‘space shelf’ is made by means of a column and slab loadbearing structure. The large

contiguous floor areas created offer maximum flexibility and facilitate a wide variety of spatial types and ways of teaching. The extension is characterised by

the minimised use of CO2-optimised reinforced concrete, wide use of wood, and the reuse of existing building components.

Open house at the Heuried Sports Centre

For the seventh time, Open House Zürich is showing outstanding architecture from different eras. In this context, EM2N is offering a guided tour through

the Heuried Sports Centre on Saturday, 1 October 2022 at 11 am, and on Sunday, 2 October, between 10 am and 2 pm, the

artwork on the building ‘stairway to heaven’ by wiedemann/mettler will be presented. The number of participants for the architectural tour is limited, registration is

required via the link below.

Laying of the foundation stone for the Tannenrauchstrasse housing ensemble

The Tannenrauchstrasse replacement housing development made up of five differently dimensioned buildings, which harmonize precisely with each other, and three differentiated outdoor spaces is

fitted into the heterogeneous setting in Zurich Wollishofen in a completely self-evident way. Complementing the variety of functions in outdoor space, the five individual

buildings with 109 flats offer a wide selection of spatially differentiated apartment typologies. The completion is scheduled for the beginning of 2024.

Two histories of knowledge under one roof

The foundation stone of the new building for Basel Natural History Museum and State Archives with the inscription ‘sichern erforschen vermitteln’ has been laid

at a depth of 19 metres. This footprint of this building, intended to have a long life and be capable of further development, yet

at the same time archaic, is 200 metres long and 30 metres wide. It will provide a new home for around 11.8 million museum

pieces from the fields of zoology, geology and palaeontology and more than 20 kilometres of files from the archives covering 1000 years of Basel

history. The two institutions in the St Johanns-Quartier will be opened in 2027 and 2028, one after the other.

Online voting for three EM2N projects

The Foundation for the Award for Good Buildings in the Canton of Zurich (Auszeichnung guter Bauten im Kanton Zürich) will honour outstanding architecture for the

seventh time. The Zellweger Park, building site D in Uster, as well as the office and commercial buildings in Zürich West and on Bahnhofstrasse are also

eligible for the public award, determined by an online vote until 31 August 2022.


We are proud to announce the release of the first volume of our publishing project KANAL: A TRIPTYCH. The first of three books, KANAL:

THINKING #1 documents the transformation of the former Citroën Yser car factory in Brussels into KANAL – Centre Pompidou, a large-scale contemporary arts complex.

Open day in Berlin

In the context of the yearly, nationwide ‘Tag der Architektur’ (Day of Architecture), supported by the Berlin Chamber of Architects, EM2N’s office will open

its doors on Sunday, 26 June 2022 from 2 to 6 pm and provide an insight into ongoing and realised projects. For more information,

please follow the link below.

Structural model exhibited in Zurich

The exhibition, curated under the title ‘Touch Wood’, explores the potential of timber in architecture and encourages a differentiated reflection on the buildings of

the future. The structural model on the scale 1:100 of the ‘Heuried Sports Centre’ can be seen as an exemplary project for modern timber

construction in the rooms of ZAZ Bellerive, Zentrum Architektur Zürich from 10 June to 30 October 2022, from Monday to Sunday from 2 to

6 pm. The exhibition is accompanied by various events and the publication ‘Touch Wood – Material, Architecture, Future'.

Flexible and sustainable city building block

The competition-winning design by EM2N for completing the urban block on Badenerstrasse in Zurich takes up the existing geometries of the place as the

central structural element and integrates the existing high-rise by Werner Stücheli in the urban mesh. The new building is a robust and resilient structure

that not only optimises operating energy but also minimises to the greatest possible extent the amount of grey energy used to produce it. Additionally,

as a flexible urban building block, it has the typological potential to accommodate a variety of different uses in the long term. In spirit

of the circular economy the building is conceived as a depot of materials, which, in its construction, uses grey energy optimised materials and components

in such way that, in the long term, they can be put to new use as repeatedly as possible.

Lecture at the TU Berlin

Verena Lindenmayer, Associate at EM2N, will give an insight into the office’s work and present, among other projects, the New Housing on Briesestraße in

Berlin-Neukölln. The lecture, organised by the Chair for Design and Building Construction (DE/CO), Prof. Jan Kampshoff at the Technische Universität Berlin takes place on

Friday, 20 May 2022 at 5 pm. Institute of Architecture (IfA), Straße des 17. Juni 152, Hall 4.

Stacked spatial organisation with cantilevered triple gymnasium

Awarded second place, the design by EM2N for the new Tüffenwies school complex in Zurich’s Grünau district presents a compact volume in the middle

of a park with sports fields characterised by dense vegetation. On a minimised footprint the spaces required develop upwards, with the cantilevered triple gymnasium

as a symbolic termination and series of cascading staircases forms a social and visual centre that connects the different storeys with flexible use. For

the construction, CO2-saving materials, reused or recyclable building components and new parts that are emission-optimised, as well as a photovoltaic plant on the roof

and facade were planned in erecting the building. The exhibition of the competition entries can be viewed from 11 May to 22 May 2022

on weekdays from 4 pm to 8 pm an on weekends from 2 pm to 6 pm in the Pavillon Werd, Morgartenstrasse 40 in


Hall for a monumental work of art opening soon

The work known as ‘The 2000 Sculpture’, which Walter De Maria originally created for an exhibition in the Kunsthaus Zürich in 1992, will be

permanently shown in the large top-lit hall erected beside the apartment houses on plot D in the Uster Zellweger Park. A spatial volume was

developed that is as precisely attuned as possible to the intentions of the artist and his monumental work of art. The Bechtler Foundation has

established a place for permanent and temporary exhibitions of international and Swiss contemporary art, opening the doors for the first time on 8 May

2022 with a public vernissage from 2 to 5 pm at Weiherweg 1 in Uster.

A visionary office complex for Luxembourg

The project by the consortium EM2N and ROBERTNEUN™ awarded first prize in the international, two-stage competition with an anonymous procedure for the administrative building

for European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and Luxembourg State on the Kirchberg. The exhibition of the evaluated competition entries can be viewed from 22 April

2022 to 6 May 2022 on weekdays from 8 am to 12 pm and 2 to 5 pm at the premises of the Fonds

d’urbanisation et d’aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg, at Rue Erasme 4 in Luxembourg.

EM2N model for auction

Starting from the two-dimensional traces in a drawing by Alexander Brodsky, that allows associations with an X-ray, EM2N embarked on the occasion of the

exhibition ‘Alternative Histories’ upon a speculative search and developed this work further conceptually. By means of the interference of lines and surfaces in the

form of an illuminated cube made of cast polyester a blurred quality with a spatial depth is produced. This model can be purchased at

an auction hosted by the Architecture Foundation in London until the 25 March. All proceeds going to New Architecture Writers, a free programme

for emerging design writers.

Exhibition in Berlin

For the 23rd time the Berlin Chamber of Architects is again presenting exemplary solutions for the city of tomorrow that make an architectural contribution

to continuing building and to the creative use of existing building stock. Included among the works chosen for this show, ‘da! Architektur in und

aus Berlin’, is the project ‘New Housing on Briesestraße’. The projects can be viewed in Living Berlin, Kantstraße 17 from 12 March to 9

April 2022. The exhibition is open Monday through Saturday between 10 am and 7 pm.

New forms of housing through courage to experiment

One of the winners of the BDA Preis Berlin 2021, which is awarded every three years by the Berlin branch of the BDA (Association

of German Architects), is the New Housing on Briesestraße in Berlin-Neukölln. In making this award the jury acknowledged a building that shows ‘how the

courage to experiment with new forms of housing can lead to a well-balanced communal housing project with a high level of user satisfaction and

social security.’ Next May it is planned to present all the award-winning works in the framework of an exhibition and a publication.

Online voting for New Housing on Briesestraße

The New Housing on Briesestraße in Berlin-Neukölln is eligible for the BDA audience award, which will be determined by the Association of German Architects

Berlin via an online vote until 5 January 2022.

Online lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Verena Lindenmayer, Associate at EM2N, will talk about three housing projects in urban surroundings, including the ‘Areal Bundeswehrhochhaus, Bremen’, the ‘New Housing on Briesestraße,

Berlin’, as well as the ‘Housing Greencity, Building Site A1’ in Zurich. The lecture, organised by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning takes

place on Tuesday, 7 December 2021 at 7.15 pm. Online participation via webex under the following link.

Construction work in Brussels advances

Work on the existing 1930s steel structure of the former Citroën Yser Garage began in May of this year. In preparation for a three-part

treatment consisting of an anti-corrosion primer, fire protection coating, and a colour coat of paint, the entire structure was sandblasted. Alongside other functions, the

KANAL – Centre Pompidou, which is scheduled to open in spring of 2024, will offer public multi-purpose spaces for culture, leisure, entertainment, education, and

meetings on a floor area of 15,000 m2. An area of around 14,000 m2 will be available for exhibition spaces for modern and contemporary

art and architecture, a public library, workshops, and rooms for the CIVA Foundation archive.

Completion of the building shell

Known respectively as ‘Bigboy’ and ‘Tender’, the 15- and 10-storey buildings in the new Lokstadt, a former industrial district in Winterthur where the workshops

of the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works (SIM) were once located, comprise around 210 rental and owner-occupied apartments. The two buildings are connected by

a five-storey-high block that accommodates a mix of commercial and residential units. This block flanks a long yard, adjoined by the old draisine workshop

building, which will house a kindergarten, primary school and conference rooms for the neighbouring hotel. The scheduled completion date is mid-2023.

A new urban quarter for Basel

Based on a masterplan that emerged from the designs by EM2N and Christ & Gantenbein Architekten, a mixed-use urban quarter is to be created

on the northern part of the 16-hectare Wolf freight yard. The plans envisage a ‘Wohnhof’ (residential yard) with around 550 apartments, a ‘Gewerbehof’ (business

yard) with workspaces for around 1000 employees, and within the courtyard perimeter development an 800-metre-long green open space, the ‘Wolfshof’. In the ‘historic centre’

at the middle of the site, from 2028 onwards existing sheds and service buildings will be used to house public functions and functions with

a public impact. The cantonal government of Basel-Stadt recently approved the development plan, which was prepared jointly by the canton and the landowners, for

presentation to the Grosser Rat (Grand Council).

Start of construction in Winterthur

The ground-breaking ceremony for Bautrakt 2 (Sports Wing 2) was recently held on the campus of the WIN4 Sports Centre. On a total of

six storeys and a floor area of around 6,000 square metres, schoolrooms, offices, and restaurants will be created, the planned start of operation is

summer 2023. This fourth building block plays a key role in enabling the park to merge with the open space around the individual buildings,

so that a place for meeting and exchange can develop in this neighbourhood.

District motor, sport and energy machine

Awarded third place in the competition, the design by EM2N for the sports centre in Zurich Oerlikon is in urban planning terms an emblematic

volume with inclined baldachins covered with photovoltaic panels that is intended to serve as meeting place for the population and a kind of motor

for the district. The projecting sails spatialise the facades and shelter both the football pitch on the roof as well as areas of the

outdoor swimming pool and the entrance. The different functions are combined under a big roof to produce an ecologically pioneering ‘sport and leisure machine’

that pulsates throughout the day and the year. A generously dimensioned spiralling staircase system is a public spatial continuum that connects the stacked areas

for various sports with numerous spatial and visual references. The exhibition of the competition entries can be viewed from 24 June to 4 July

in the Kunsteisbahn Oerlikon, Siewerdtstrasse 80.

A building as a sustainably conceived, integral overall system

Winner of second place, the design by EM2N for the new WWZ energy headquarters in Zug / Baar functions as an important infrastructure in

the context of renewable energies and a different kind of presence in the landscape and settlement area, as an ambassador for the sustainable production

of energy. Under the leitmotif ‘form follows construction’ a building that makes an archaic impression was created whose character is shaped almost exclusively by

the logic of the given structural circumstances, by the long-term plans to extend the building by moving the two end walls, and by the

constraints of a construction method that uses prefabricated timber elements and earth.

Online voting for Heuried Sports Centre

The Heuried Sports Centre is shortlisted for the twelve prizes of the ‘Auszeichnung für gute Bauten der Stadt Zürich 2016–2020’ (Award for Good Buildings

of the City of Zurich 2016–2020). In addition, an audience award will be presented, determined by an online vote until 27 July.

Nomination DAM Preis 2022

Annually, the DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt nominates outstanding buildings for the DAM Preis für Architektur in Deutschland (DAM Award for Architecture in Germany),

considering recommendations from the Chambers of Architects – this selection includes New Housing on Briesestraße in Berlin-Neukölln. A jury of experts subsequently awards the

buildings on the shortlist, the finalists and the prize-winning project by January 2022.

Visit to the New Housing on Briesestraße

In the context of the yearly, nationwide ‘Tag der Architektur’ (Day of Architecture), supported by the Berlin Chamber of Architects, the ‘New Housing on

Briesestraße’ can be visited. The one-hour tours through the building will be guided by architects from EM2N Berlin and are scheduled for Saturday, 26

and Sunday, 27 June 2021 at 11 am and 12 pm each day. The registration deadline ends on 21 June and the number of

participants is limited. For more information, please follow the link below.

Building for people

In a photograph-based show with the title ‘Bauen für Menschen. Architektur für und mit Menschen in Berlin’ (Building for People. Architecture for and

with People in Berlin) that is organised by the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing around 140 Berlin building projects that

have been implemented since 2005 are illustrated by architecture photographs. Among these projects is ‘New Housing on Briesestraße’. The permanent exhibition is on show

in the public areas of the Senate Department’s office building on Fehrbelliner Platz 4 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. A film offering insight into the projects can

be viewed at the link below. The short sequence about the Briesestraße housing project in the Rollbergkiez starts at minute 21.

Completion of building shell in Quartier Heidestrasse

The first construction phase of the future office building ensemble ‘QH Track’, which closes the Europacity to the west, has been built in its

shell. The entire 550-metre-long complex with five towers on Berlin’s currently largest construction site will be completed by 2023.

Exhibition in Brussels

Housed in the Atelier KANAL, directly opposite KANAL – Centre Pompidou’s temporary closed Showroom, the exhibition uses graphic documents, scaled models and samples of

building materials to show the ongoing conversion of the former garage into the future museum of modern and contemporary art. The public is encouraged

to participate in this process, to comment and leave their feedback and thoughts in the visitors’ book. From 8 May 2021 to 26 June

2021, open every Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm or on group reservations at Place Sainctelette 11–12, 1000 Brussels.

Construction work on museum and archive building in Basel to start shortly

After years of intensive planning and following a decision by a clear majority of the electorate in favour of this forward-looking cultural building, construction

work on the new building in the St. Johann district for the Museum of Natural History Basel and the State Archives Basel-City will start

in June 2021. On this account the Stadtteilsekretariat Basel-West and the Building and Transportation Department are inviting interested persons to take part in a

digital information event. The management and directors of both institutions will inform about the state of the planning and, together with those involved in

the project, will answer questions. Wednesday 26 May 2021, 6.30 pm. Online participation through MS Teams under the following link.

Online lecture at the Koblenz University

Verena Lindenmayer, Associate at EM2N, will talk about the ‘New Housing on Briesestraße, Berlin’ as well as the ‘Housing Greencity, Building Site A1, Zurich’

and give insights on the approaches and experiences in these projects. The presentation followed by a discussion is part of the lecture series ‘Profiles

of Architecture’ of the department bauen-kunst-werkstoffe | Architektur at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 7 pm. Online participation via

Zoom under the following link.

Short online lecture at the Milan Polytechnic

Fabian Hörmann, Associate at EM2N, will talk about the project ‘Refurbishment Viaduct Arches, Zurich’ and how infrastructure works as a site-specific urban planning device.

The short lecture is being given in the framework of the seminar ‘Abitare i Rilevati Ferroviari’ (Inhabiting the railway embankments), organised as part of

the DAStU project, Department of Excellence on Territorial Fragility. Monday, 19 April 2021 at 10.40 am. Online participation via livestream on Facebook under the

following link or by email registration.

Start of construction of stepped building on Binzstrasse

The office and commercial building in Zurich’s Binz district establishes a strong identity and is characterised by a variety of rented spaces organised around

a central core that offer maximum flexibility as regards layout, a number of two-storey spaces, and outdoor areas that can be used individually and

are accessible from all the rented units. An external staircase on the south side of this stepped building connects the luxuriantly planted balconies, while

also serving as an informal circulation and communication zone. Planned completion date is spring 2023.

‘Together!’ exhibition makes a stop in Hamburg

On behalf of the Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (BSW) the exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture of the Collective’, conceived by EM2N

together with Ilka and Andreas Ruby for the Vitra Design Museum, was expanded to include an additional section on the theme of collective housing

in Hamburg. The results of the concept-finding procedure ‘Dwelling – and what else?’ as well as ideas about adapting cooperative housing estates from the

1950s to the 1970s to meet present-day needs can be viewed in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe until 5 April 2021. The museum

offers regular digital introductions to the exhibition.

Start of construction work on KANAL – Centre Pompidou

Following the submission of a planning application in spring and a round of public consultation in September 2020, planning permission was granted for the

future museum of modern and contemporary art. After the ongoing partial demolition works, the next phase will realise the plans for KANAL as a

place of art, culture and exchange for the city of Brussels.

New office location in Berlin

The Berlin office of EM2N Architekten has moved. As of now it is located at Brunnenstraße 9 in Berlin-Mitte.


Short lecture at Dialogue after 6 // virtual

Verena Lindenmayer, Associate at EM2N, will participate with a short lecture about the ‘New Housing on Briesestraße, Berlin-Neukölln’ in the Dialogue after 6 //

virtual organised by the AIT-ArchitekturSalon. Under the theme ‘New neighbourhoods’, the focus is on innovative projects dealing with intelligent and flexible solutions for housing

construction and the future-oriented (re)use of open spaces and spaces in between. Tuesday, 1 December 2020 at 6 pm. Online participation under the following


A communicative infrastructure for Hönggerberg Campus

The design by EM2N for the new entrepreneur and innovation centre at the ETH Zurich is a robust workshop building, eminently suitable for appropriation,

which offers flexibly usable indoor and outdoor spaces for the production and exchange of ideas and knowledge. A layer of balconies and loggias, enriched

at points with collective functions and informal circulation routes, forms the communicative and atmospheric backbone of this stepped building. A simple load-bearing system,

a timber and steel construction method, and large spans above a minimised concrete foundation determine the structure of the entire building.

Foundation stone laid in Berlin’s biggest construction pit

In the final construction phase of the Quartier Heidestrasse work has begun on the office block ‘QH Track’. This elongated, nine-part ensemble is articulated

by the three different building types ‘Warehouse’, ‘Pencil’ and ‘Headquarters’ and in 2023 will form the western edge of this new, highly urban district

in which all forms of modern working, living and housing are to be combined with each other.

A new museum complex for Reutlingen

In the ideas and realisation competition for the re-design of the ‘Postareal’ (post office site) the project by EM2N was awarded one of three

second prizes. The urban design interventions postulate diversity and mix as an underlying principle, carefully integrate the buildings already on the site, and strengthen

the existing. With its hovering saw-tooth roof that can be flexibly subdivided the emblematic new building for the amalgamated museum of art and industry

emerges as a mediator between two historical buildings, giving the ensemble a self-assured presence in urban space. A space-shaping double helix staircase is a

core element that weaves together the rooms of the two institutions.

Berliner Mischung reloaded

The recently completed four-part ensemble of new buildings between Briese- und Kienitzer Straße is a piece of urban planning fitted exactly into the heterogeneous

fabric of Berlin’s Rollberg district in Neukölln. The project combines cooperative and subsidised housing and alongside studios and a café at ground floor level

also contains large cluster apartments with communal areas on the upper floors, which allow diverse ways of life. A large courtyard in the middle

of the building and broad access decks have, as a circulation and balcony structure, the potential to be appropriated by the residents and provide

support for life in a community.

Completion of structure in Zürich West

The scheduled completion date for the office and commercial building in the west of Zurich that consists of three wings with a total floor

area of around 40,000 square metres is spring 2021. Between the ‘head’ building that continues the line of the neighbouring street facades and the

tower that sets a special accent there is a low-rise building with a planted roof garden. The intention is that the paved pocket park

with seating elements and a pavilion along the existing rows of poplars on Förrlibuckstrasse should develop into a public open space for the quarter.

Open ensemble for Bremen

The winning project by EM2N for the site on Kaufmannsmühlenkamp in Bremen, on which the German Armed Forces high-rise stands, complements the existing 15-storey

tower block by adding two precisely positioned residential buildings, a compact, point-like building and a long, low-rise block, to create an ensemble that provides

a sense of identity. A plinth connecting these buildings houses communal and public functions and, along with the associated outdoor spaces, creates places of

encounter that can be easily appropriated and produce an open, programmatic piece of city in this quarter. The exhibition of the competition entries can

be viewed from 8 January to 6 February 2020 on weekdays between 10 am and 6 pm in the foyer of the SKUMS, Contrescarpe

72 in Bremen.

Completion of building shell in Zellweger Park, Uster

On building plot D, which lies in the north of the site, four individually formulated residential buildings with approximately 135 apartments and two studios

are scheduled for completion in 2020. Positioned so that they relate to each other, the building volumes create a powerful overall figure with generous

outdoor spaces that allows a variety of views from and into from the depth of the park-like setting. The ensemble is augmented by a

building in which international and Swiss contemporary art will be made accessible to a broad public.

Group discussion at the ABK Stuttgart

Verena Lindenmayer, Associate at EM2N, will participate in the round of talks ‘Women in Architecture’ as part of a series of events organised by

the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, which focuses on the critical debate, the reflection and forward thinking of existing structures in the

architectural discourse. Tuesday, 12 November 2019 at 7 pm, ABK Stuttgart, Am Weissenhof 1, Neubau 1, Glaskasten, 70191 Stuttgart.

EM2N door handle for a good cause

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary
S AM the Swiss Architecture Museum takes a look back at its own history. In the retrospective

‘35 Years of S AM’, alongside exhibits from the museum’s archives, ‘birthday presents’ from Swiss architecture practices in the form of drawings, models and

other objects can be seen in a kind of cabinet of curiosities. EM2N gave a door handle designed by the office that was

cast in bronze and has a highly polished finish and waxed patina. It was first used in the project for the conversion of the

viaduct arches. The formal opening of the anniversary exhibition takes place in Basel on 14 October 2019 at 7 pm. At an auction to

be held on Saturday, 26 October all the gifts will be sold off from 11 am, the proceeds will go to S AM. The

vernissage and the auction are open to the public.

Lecture in the AFO

In the framework of a lecture followed by a group discussion on the theme ‘For a time. Conserved’ in the Architektur Forum Ostschweiz,

Daniel Niggli will talk about the incremental logic that forms the basis for the building and the city, using a number of conversion projects

as examples. Where, in a permanent state of the contemporaneity of past and present, events and artefacts are overlaid in layers, in the process

becoming a place of collective memory. Monday, 30 September 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Architektur Forum Ostschweiz, Davidstrasse 40 in St. Gallen.

An experimental space machine usable in many different ways – first place in the competition for Uster Culture Centre

The prize-winning ‘KUZU’ project by EM2N adds two simple buildings, which differ in terms of size and structure, to the existing brick-built Zeughaus, in

this way creating a new, varied ensemble. It consists of the ‘Culture shelf’ on the east side that forms the new face to the

city and which, clad with corrugated polycarbonate panels and wood, is conceived as an open, porous shelf whose density can later be increased, and

the western ‘Culture hall’, in which the structure is infilled with precast concrete elements that have a finely structured surface. In urban planning terms

the three buildings are laid out to form an open, easily appropriated ‘Culture court’, a shared centre in which synergies of the different uses

can be generated. The exhibition of the competition entries can be seen from Wednesday, 18 September to Sunday, 29 September 2019 on the ground

floor of the Zeughaus K2, Berchtoldstrasse 10 in Uster.

City model in South Korea

The city model at a scale of 1:100 curated by EM2N forms part of the travelling exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture of the Collective’,

which was conceived in collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum. From 7 September to 31 October 2019 it can be viewed in the setting

of the Design Biennale in Gwangju / South Korea, along with photographer Daniel Burchard’s photo-essay about current collective housing projects.

Lecture at the aac Hamburg

Fabian Hörmann, Associate at EM2N, will give a public lecture at the aac Academy for Architectural Culture exploring the question ‘Should cultural institutions –

trapped between art and commerce in a globalised world – be a low-threshold offer for everyone or a representative playground for the cultural elite?’.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 at 7 pm, Campus Rainvilleterrasse, Ground floor, 22765 Hamburg. Registration under the link below is recommended.

A layering of lines and surfaces

The exhibition with the title ‘Alternative Histories’ curated by Jantje Engels and Marius Grootveld in collaboration with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation, London

explores the question ‘Could a contemporary architect, with their own references, make a model that would respond to a drawing from the past?’

Starting from the two-dimensional traces in a drawing by Alexander Brodsky, that allows associations with an X-ray, EM2N embarked upon a speculative search and

developed this work further conceptually. By means of the interference of lines and surfaces in the form of an illuminated cube made of cast

polyester a blurred quality with a spatial depth is produced. The exhibition has travelled to Brussels and will be shown from 7 to 29

September 2019 in the CIVA on the Rue de l’Ermitage 55. The public opening takes place on Friday, 6 September at 6.30 pm.

An archive and museum as industrial building

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the recently completed National Research and Archive Centre in Penthaz, the Cinémathèque suisse invites the public

to explore the building’s various spaces during the open days on 7 and 8 September 2019 from 10 am to 5 pm. Shuttles will

be provided to and from the Cossonay-Penthalaz train station and free parking will be available near the site.

First place in Stavanger / Norway

The Aker BP Headquarters and Paradis Midt / Nord Masterplan for a new district with mixed use and a promenade along the Hillevågsvannet bay

in Stavanger, developed by EM2N in collaboration with Ghilardi+Hellsten Arkitekter and DIFK, was selected as the winning entry.

Start of construction in the Quartier Heidestrasse Berlin

With a usable floor area of around 104,000 m2 the elongated block ‘QH Track’ along the railway tracks in Berlin is one of the

largest office ensembles currently being realized in the capital. Nine, typologically powerful commercial buildings in all are lined in a row one after

another including high-rise blocks individually positioned to create accentuation. The buildings vary in height from six to fourteen storeys. Planned completion date is 2023.

A new building for generations to come

With a majority of 60,33 per cent voters have accepted the cantonal parliament’s decision for a new building for the Natural History Museum and

State Archives Basel-City. Now these two indispensable Basel institutions with their rich traditions can be steered towards a secure future. In the new ‘knowledge

storage facility’ people will be able to experience cultural assets of incalculable material and immaterial value, which will be preserved and cared for on

behalf of the general population, scholars and researchers. The new culture building in the urban district of St. Johann will have a main usable

floor area of almost 20,000 m2. The opening is planned for 2024 / 2025.

More than just a commercial building! Second place in the competition for the Koch-Areal

This premiated project by EM2N is a quadratic, emblematic volume with cut-outs at two of the corners, which anchors the site in the urban

plan of Zurich-Altstetten in a way that establishes identity and engages in a dialogue with the surrounding residential and commercial buildings. The new four-storey

building with a rational basic structure and central circulation core is characterized by a tripartite sectional figure, spatially formulated in different ways, which consists

of a glazed ground floor that opens to outdoor space, two standard floors, and a sawtooth roof. The exhibition of all the competition entries

can be seen from 14 to 26 May 2019 in the rooms of the Amt für Hochbauten in Pavillon Werd, Morgartenstrasse 40, 8004 Zürich.

How do we want to live together?

This exhibition, co-curated by EM2N, looks at a quiet revolution that has taken place in contemporary architecture in recent years and presents innovative examples

and different forms of buildings for collective living. The show includes 21 large models and living rooms at a scale of 1:1. The exhibition

in Pavillon Sicli in Geneva from 11 May to 29 June 2019 will be accompanied by a varied program of events. The opening will

take place on Friday, 10 May at 6.30 pm.

Lecture in Turin

The lecture series under the title ‘Architecture: conjectures and refutations’ at the Department of Architecture and Design, Turin Polytechnic aims to show the close

connection between words, images and buildings in understanding architecture. In this context on 9 May 2019 at 1 pm Mathias Müller will give a

midday lecture with the title ‘Some thoughts about architecture and other things’ in Aula 301 Lingotto, via Nizza 230 in Turin.

A new building for Basel’s historical and scientific memory

As part of the round of talks organised by Kollektiv Architektur Basel under the motto ‘architecture concerns everyone’ Daniel Niggli will present the new,

synergetically used building for the Natural History Museum and State Archives. The architecture bar takes place on Monday, 29 April 2019 at 7.30 pm

in the Didi Offensiv, Erasmusplatz 12, Basel.

A new building for two institutions of inestimable value

A short time ago a detailed presentation model at a scale of 1:100 of the new building project in St. Johann was erected in

the foyer of the Natural History Museum of Basel. Longitudinal sections through the building offer views into the urgently needed new spaces for the

Museum and the State Archives, which will provide long-term protection for these valuable cultural assets and unique collections, and also into those areas in

the new building that are to be used synergistically. For the referendum on 19 May a committee consisting of numerous members has been formed

who use their vote to state ‘yes to the Museum and the Archive’. The directors and management of both institutions issue an invitation to

an information event to be held on 10 and 28 April and on 9 May in the Aula of the Natural History Museum at

Augustinergasse 2. Admission is free.

Farewell to Marcel

Since the time of our graduation thesis at the ETHZ under Adrian Meyer, as co-examiner Marcel Meili (shown here with Patrick Gmür on the

roof terrace at Habsburgstrasse) accompanied our development as architects. Many projects from his office with Markus Peter, such as, for instance, the Albtal Study,

but also his brilliant texts and essays still form an important reference level for us today. But above all his untimely death means to

us the loss of a person to whom we felt closely connected by friendly ties. Adieu Marcel, thank you for your inspiring friendship.


From the drawing to the model

Under the title ‘Alternative Histories’ selected architecture offices from Europe were invited to study an architectural drawing from the collection of the Drawing Matter

archive, to interpret it, and to envision an alternative future for it in the form of a model. Around 85 contributions, among them a

drawing by Alexander Brodsky and a model by EM2N, can be viewed in the rooms at 6 Cork Street in Mayfair London. The exhibition

will be opened on Saturday, March 23 at 2 pm with a colloquium and can be visited every Saturday and Sunday between March 24

and April 19, 2019, from 11 am to 6 pm.

A cabinet filled with finds

To mark the submission of the planning application for the conversion of the former Citroën Yser Garage into the KANAL – Centre Pompidou, on

which, since spring 2018, EM2N have been working together with noAarchitecten and Sergison Bates in the Atelier Kanal that they set up together in

Brussels, the second part of the exhibition ‘As Found – Prospective Heritage’ was opened recently. Until the end of June 2019 ‘finds’ from the

ongoing work and planning process are presented in the showroom of the building, among them sketches, architectural drawings, model studies and material samples. As

a kind of support program discussion rounds and public debates will be held that address the different aspects of this important and ambitious project

of the region Brussels-Capital City.

Second place in the competition for the new indoor swimming pool in Frauenfeld

The design by EM2N proposes a 93-metre long volume precisely placed in the topography as an extension to the north of the existing outdoor

baths. The building is characterised by its three layers consisting of a solid in-situ concrete plinth, a swimming pool with continuous glazing on all

sides, and a projecting, gently sloping hipped roof, which gives the building an institutional presence appropriate to its importance as a sports and leisure

complex. All the entries to the open competition can be viewed by the public from March 8 to March 16, 2019 in the Konvikthalle

in Frauenfeld.

Ensemble of old and new

Following a three-year construction period, the overall renovation of the UBS headquarters on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich has recently been completed. The plan of the

openly accessible ground floor has been freed so that it now allows views through a sequence of spaces from the renovated historical banking hall

in the Münzhof through the Forum into a second courtyard that is laid out as a garden. The ground floor also contains a new

café as well as a variety of shops. From the bright main staircase with its centrally positioned glazed lifts you arrive on either side

in generously dimensioned vestibules, where historical rooms encounter new counterparts interpreted in a modern idiom.

Completion of building shell in Berlin-Neukölln

In the district known as the Rollbergkiez a residential building which, as well as one- to four-room apartments and studios, also offers cluster flats

with communal spaces is being erected on an L-shaped site bordered by closed block perimeter development and large-scale housing from the 1970s. The planned

completion date for the apartment house on Briesestrasse and Kienitzer Strasse with 101 flats in total is December 2019.

Travelling exhibition about building and living in a collective

Alongside a large-scale model of a fictive collective city and recreations of housing situations, the exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture of the Collective’, co-curated

by EM2N, also presents examples of collective housing from Europe, Asia and the USA. To round this off ten projects from Leipzig reflect diverse

forms of housing in the city. The history of collective architecture is illustrated by means of historical trailblazers, from the reform ideas of the

19th century to the hippy and squatter scenes. The exhibition, which is accompanied by a varied supporting program, opens on 28 November 2018 at

7 pm in the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig and runs to 17 March 2019.

Forms of urban coexistence in Switzerland

In the exhibition ‘Dichtelust’ S AM, the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel explores the question about how density specifically materializes in the city and

demonstrates that density actually means the sensible utilization of buildable territory. The Toni-Areal, one of the projects exhibited that follows this principle, will be

shown in the form of a 1:100 scale model. The exhibition runs from 24 November 2018 to 5 May 2019. The opening will take

place on 23 November at 7 pm.

Lecture at the Milan Politecnico

Fabian Hörmann, associate at EM2N, will talk about the approaches to adaptive reuse and present several conversion projects. The guest lecture will be given

on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 at 11.15 am in the room Z.2, Building 11, Campus Leonardo, School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction Engineering, via

Ampère 2, 20133 Milan.

Lecture in the C-mine Genk

Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli will be giving their vision on collective living and will lecture about their architectural oeuvre. This event will take

place on Thursday, 15 November 2018 at 8.15 pm in the C-mine cultuurcentrum, Great hall, C-mine 10 bus 1, 3600 Genk, Belgium. Tickets are

available under the following link.

Type, typology and typogenesis

In the framework of the conference ‘Think. Design. Build. 2. Type, Typology and Typogenesis in Architecture’ 20 internationally renowned architects, theoreticians and historians are

invited to participate in three panels. This two-day colloquium, organised by the Institute for Architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin will critically examine the

three knowledge practices: thinking (concept / word), designing (drawing / model), and building (material / structure) in terms of their respective mediality, modes of

action, and knowledge potential, as well as the correlation between these three levels of knowledge production. Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli will give a

keynote lecture on Thursday, 8 November at 7 pm. Institute for Architecture, Architecture building, Forum and lecture hall A 152, Strasse des 17. Juni

152, 10623 Berlin. The lecture will be transmitted via livestream.

Recognition for Heuried Sports Center

In this year’s Prix Lignum the Heuried Sports Center in Zurich was granted a recognition by the Region Nord jury for its innovative, high-quality and pioneering use of wood.

Lecture in Linz

Gerry Schwyter, associate at EM2N, will speak about architectural conversions in the framework of the housing symposium ‘Wohnen im Herbst (Housing in autumn) –

Repair, Renovation and Spatial Renewal’ and will present the Toni-Areal. The lecture will be given on 25 September 2018 at 2.15 pm in the

Architekturforum Oberösterreich, Herbert-Bayer-Platz 1, 4020 Linz. Registration is required.

Developing the place further – EM2N wins in Winterthur

Since 1990 a new urban quarter has been developing in Winterthur through the transformation of the former industrial Sulzer site. In the section known

as the ‘Lokstadt’ EM2N won the study commission for Baufeld 1 (Plot 1) where they will implement a conglomerate consisting of four individual buildings.

The new buildings ‘Bigboy’, a high-rise that forms one end of the central urban square, and the neighbouring ‘Tender’ tower and low-rise building will

contain rented apartments, while the historical ‘Draisine’ industrial hall will house new, innovative work worlds. The two-storey ground floor area of the building complex

is conceived structurally as a continuous open zone, which strengthens its significance in urban design terms. All the competition projects can be viewed from

21 to 24 August 2018 in the Lokhaus (Architekturforum), Jägerstrasse 43 in 8400 Winterthur from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Open day in the AXA Arena

The ball sports arena of the WIN4 Sports Centre in Winterthur has been completed. A ceremonial opening of this new home for the two

leading local handball and unihockey clubs, Pfadi Winterthur and HC Rychenberg, is planned. The AXA Arena will hold an open day on Saturday 18

August from 10 am to 4 pm.

Fourth place in the project competition Tiefenbrunnen Marina

On the right shore of Lake Zürich, in the district of Tiefenbrunnen, a new harbour with an aquatic sports centre is to be made.

The design from EM2N proposes an ensemble consisting of two typologically independent parts. The marina building on the land side is deliberately understood as

a maritime structure and a place of activity that can place an urban accent for the entire complex. The floating pier with a delicate

pergola creates an attractive transitional space that invites people to linger there casually. All the competition projects can be viewed from 13 to 20

July and 22 to 29 August 2018 in the exhibition pavilion Werd, Morgartenstrasse 40, 8004 Zürich. The opening times are Monday to Friday 4

pm to 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday 2 pm to 6 pm.

The large form in the city

At the symposium GROSS STADT FORM held in Munich Technical University Mathias Müller will present his approach to the large form as a type

in urban development. What kind of impulses can the large architectural form provide and what role is played here by communities of uses and

users? The symposium takes place on 19 July 2018 from 10 am in the Vorhoelzer Forum at the Chair of Urban Design and Regional

Planning, Arcisstrasse 21, 80333 Munich.

Lecture at Stuttgart University

Fabian Hörmann, associate at EM2N, talks about a new understanding of the ‘performance’ of architecture and presents projects by the office that can be

seen as a catalyst for social processes and the public realm. The lecture at the Institute of Conception of Space und Principles of Design

(IRGE) at Stuttgart University will be given on 12 July, 2018 at 11.30 am in the lecture hall provisorium, Breitscheidstrasse 2a, 70174 Stuttgart.


Lecture at the School of Engineering and Architecture in Fribourg

In the framework of a public lecture Daniel Niggli will talk about transformation and re-use in architecture. On Wednesday, 13 June 2018 from 6

pm to 7.30 pm in the Gremaud auditorium of the HEIA in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Internal increase in density – master plan ETH Campus Hönggerberg 2040

The master plan ‘Campus Hönggerberg 2040’ by EM2N with Schmid Landschaftsarchitekten represents the result of a test planning that was undertaken in 2015 by

three teams of architects. In order to respond adequately to the growth in the numbers of students and researchers, the ETH Zürich intends to

develop its second location further – the master plan, which is to be implemented in stages, proposes an internal increase in density, with an

accentuation of four high-rise buildings. The urban design and landscape architecture concept clarifies the relationship to the surrounding districts and develops the former ‘university

island’ into a campus that addresses the future.


Huge excavator in use for Orion

One of Europe’s largest demolition excavators is currently at work for the planned office and commercial building Zürich-West. Demolition of the existing monumental office

colossus has begun and, using the ultimate excavator, is well on track. The new development consists of three volumes: an end building on Hardturmstrasse,

a high-rise building as a vertical accent, with a pocket park, on Förrlibuckstrasse, and between them a low-rise building. The scheduled completion date for

the project is 2021.


Architecture moves with focus on film

This year the focus of the Architekturtage Österreich (Architecture Days Austria) is on film as a richly facetted mediation and visualisation medium. On Saturday,

9 June 2018 at 5.30 pm in the former local train station in Wels, Upper Austria, the short film ‘Glatt – die Stadt’ by

the Architects Group Krokodil and Chris Niemeyer, Plan B Film will be shown.

Cooperative solutions for the contemporary city

In the framework of a panel discussion the Order of Architects PPC of the province of Milan will present international collective building projects. Daniel

Niggli will talk about, among others, the EM2N project Housing Greencity, Building Site A1 in Zurich and about the exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture

of the Collective’. This event will take place on Thursday, 10 May 2018 from 7 pm to 11 pm in Via Solferino 19, 20121


Thirteen months of exhibitions and shows

Before the conversion work starts KANAL – Centre Pompidou will open its doors from 5 May 2018 to 10 June 2019 and, in a

radically experimental approach, will become a public place. With a variety of art and architecture exhibitions, installations and shows the aim is to allow

the public to access and experience the naked shell of the Citroën Yser garage building complex. Among the things to be seen is the

exhibition ‘As Found’, curated by the CIVA Foundation, which looks at the history and future of this building and also documents the entries in

the international architecture competition using plans and models. The winning project along with all the other projects will be presented in the showroom on

the ground floor.

A weekend devoted to architecture and urban planning

To mark the occasion of the Open House Basel there will be an opportunity to visit the Public Record Office Basel-Landschaft in Liestal. Completed

in 2007, this conversion project received the award ‘Auszeichnung Guter Bauten’ from the Canton of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft. On Sunday, 6 May 2018 the

Public Record Office will open from 10 am to 12 midday. The registration for the offered tours is required.

Visit from ice hockey cracks

As part of their preparations for the IIHF 2018 World Championship in Denmark the Swiss National Ice Hockey Team played a number of training

matches in the new ice sports hall of Heuried Sports Centre.

Travelling exhibition about building and living in a collective

The exhibition ‘Together! The New Architecture of the Collective’, curated by Ilka and Andreas Ruby together with EM2N, will be shown in Belgium from

25 March to 1 July 2018. The exhibition location is the culture centre Le Grand-Hornu, Rue Sainte-Louise 82 in Hornu, which is open from

Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

A stage for Brussels

Together with noAarchitecten and Sergison Bates architects EM2N emerged as winners of the competition for the cultural hub KANAL – Centre Pompidou in Brussels.

The conversion of the former Citroën Yser garage will bring together a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, an architecture centre (CIVA Foundation) and

public spaces devoted to culture, education and leisure. In their design ‘KANAL : une scène pour Bruxelles’ (A stage for Brussels) the team proposes

a vibrant, lively place of exchange. The presence and charisma of the cultural hub will continue to bear witness to its earlier function as

a place of production and exhibitions. Within the context of a precise response to the public urban spaces in front, a number of spaces

in the interior will be radically transformed to create hybrid transitional areas. While also securing the place of the former Citroën Yser garage in

the memory of the city, the aim is, above all, that the KANAL – Centre Pompidou should lead the way to the city’s future.

Start of construction on Briesestraße

Construction of the building structure has started on Briesestraße in Berlin-Neukölln. The housing project with 101 apartments of different types and sizes as well

as communal areas is expected to be completed in December 2019.

Exhibition about the Quartier Heidestrasse

On a site measuring around 85,000 square metres the urban district known as ‘Quartier Heidestrasse’ will form the core of the ‘Europacity’ inner city

urban planning development and includes residential and office buildings, commercial spaces, public streets and squares as well as green areas. Now, for the first

time, all the competition entries by the participating offices for all six parts of the quarter are being presented in a joint exhibition. From

7 to 18 March 2018, daily from 1 pm to 6 pm in the Kornversuchsspeicher at Heidestrasse 20c in Berlin.

Government decision on the new Museum of Natural History and State Archives in Basel

With regard to the realisation of the new building and the costs associated with it the government of Canton Basel-Stadt has submitted to the

Grosser Rat (parliament of Canton Basel-Stadt and the City of Basel) a suggestion that the expenditure be approved. This represents a step forward for

two important cultural institutions in Basel which, for operational and structural reasons, are in urgent need of new spaces. As a public ‘storehouse of

knowledge’ the new location for the Museum of Natural History Basel and the State Archives Basel-City will, from 2024/2025, introduce stimuli to the up-and-coming

urban district St. Johann.

Second place in the competition for the HSG Learning Center

The design by EM2N for the planned new Learning Center is defined by its difference to the familiar – a completely ‘different space’ is

intended to augment the range currently offered on the campus of St. Gallen University (HSG). The proposed monospace represents a powerful spatial concept that

combines the various different, independent university programs and activities. In this crystalline building volume they engage each other in a close dialogue. The Learning

Center, which can be experienced as a single whole, is intended to arouse emotions and to foster identity. All competition entries are exhibited on

the first floor of the main building of the University of St. Gallen, Dufourstrasse 50 from 22 February to 9 March 2018.

Start of construction work on the training hall

The multi-functional training hall, the third building in the ensemble that makes up the new WIN4 Sports Centre in Winterthur, has been granted a

building permit. This hall facilitates a variety of uses in the areas of school sport and mass sport activities. Construction work starts in February,

completion is scheduled for late autumn 2018.

For both short- and long-stay

Lang, a family business, is planning to erect a boarding house on Landsberger Strasse in Munich with around 27 rooms and six apartments. In

the selection workshop for the new building to replace an earlier structure EM2N emerged as winners against international competition. Their design proposes a dynamic

mix of functions and positions the idea of community at the centre of the architecture. Future guests will be offered a rich variety of

spaces, including a co-working space, a restaurant and a ‘green living room’ as a lobby and lounge.


Spatial intervention by EM2N in Zürich-West

The planned office and commercial building Zürich-West is to be presented in the framework of the project ‘Sollbruchstelle’. The exhibition is accompanied by a

variety of interventions in the still existing old building. With ‘Ode an die Verdichtung’ (Ode to Densification) EM2N also direct their attention to the

existing space, using an exaggerated spatial mass to illustrate the most radical form of increasing the density of office space. The exhibition at Förrlibuckstrasse

180 in Zürich will be opened on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 from 6 pm and will run until 25 February.

Book presentation in Berlin

In their contribution to the book ‘Hiatus. Architekturen für die gebrauchte Stadt’ Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli examined structures that are suitable for appropriation

and looked at the use of the city and buildings. The publication, which appeared in Birkhäuser Verlag, will be presented at a panel discussion

with Mathias Müller and other architects and experts involved in the book on Thursday, 8 February, 2018 at 7 pm, in the bookshop Walther

König on Burgstrasse 27 in Berlin.

From Switzerland to New Zealand

Fabian Hörmann, Associate at EM2N, will present a number of the office’s conversion projects to the New Zealand Institute of Architects and will trace

the typological and urban design potential within the context of social change. The talk will be given on 23 February 2018 at 12.30 pm

in 65 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch.

Framework programme for the exhibition

Two events will be held within the context of the exhibition ‘EM2N – As Time Goes By’, each on a Monday evening. On 22

January, together with Andreas Ruby, the office 51N4E from Brussels and Bruther from Paris will talk about ‘Purity and Contamination’. At the second event

to be held in the evening of 5 February Muck Petzet from Munich and Harquitectes from Barcelona with Caspar Schärer will look at the

theme of ‘re-use’. Both these events will begin at 7 pm in the Architekturforum Zürich, Brauerstrasse 16, 8004 Zürich.

Carte Blanche in the Architekturforum Zürich

During twenty years of existence EM2N has worked on around 250 different projects in Switzerland and abroad. A selection of projects, both built and

unbuilt, will be presented in a kind of test layout in the Architekturforum Zürich. By revealing relationships between the projects at an overall level,

the exhibition facilitates a variety of different associations. The official opening will take place at 7 pm on Friday, 15 December and the show

will run until 9 February 2018 in the Architekturforum Zürich, Brauerstrasse 16, 8004 Zurich.

Lecture at the TH Nuremberg

Within the framework of the lecture series ‘Form + Structure’, which is organised by the student body of the architecture faculty at Nuremberg Technical

University, Daniel Niggli is giving a lecture on the theme of building conversion. On Wednesday, 15 November 2017 at 7 pm, Technische Hochschule, Room

B 007, Bahnhofstrasse 90 in Nuremberg.

BIM prize for Zürich West office and commercial building

In this year’s Swiss architecture prize, the Arc-Award BIM, EM2N has won silver in the category ‘Collaboration’. In its statement the jury made special

mention of the success with which those involved in the project worked together and of the way they developed and applied BIM methods.

On different forms of collective housing

The real estate market is increasingly attracting the interest of what are called ‘the millennials’, who in turn will shape the real estate business

of the future. The focal points ‘Mindset, Participation und Sharing / Collaboration’, themes of central importance for Generation Y, will be illuminated from different

perspectives at the RED conference. For this occasion Fabian Hörmann, associate with EM2N, will give a talk on collective housing, the new sense of

community, and the needs of ‘residents’. On 3 November, 2017 at 8.35 am in the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel Spa in Interlaken. Registration required.

Competition entry for the Cité de la Musique awarded a prize

In the international architecture competition for the Cité de la Musique the design submitted by EM2N won the fourth prize. The concept proposes creating

a public meeting place that is positioned at the interface between urban block edge development and an open park landscape. By making their pulsating

internal life visible the orchestra and music university open towards the city. All 18 projects submitted will be shown publicly at the opening on

Monday, 30 October 2017 at 5 pm. The exhibition, which will run until Sunday, 5 November 2017, can be visited between 10 am and

6 pm in Pavillon Sicli, Route des Acacias 45 in Geneva.

Lecture and panel discussion in the CIVA Brussels

Many cities find themselves regularly confronted with the question whether existing buildings should be replaced by new ones or ought instead to be preserved.

The panel discussion in the Brussels Centre for Architecture CIVA will look at the pros and cons of preservation versus destruction and will examine

them from different perspectives. As an international guest Daniel Niggli will launch the debate and will talk about his experiences with the theme ‘transformation’.

Following this the discussion will be continued in a round of architects, urban planners and politicians. On 25 October, 2017 at 8 pm on

the 13th floor of the Philips Tower in Brussels.

New building project ‘Orion’ has valid building permit

A new building designed by EM2N containing office, commercial and restaurant spaces is to be erected on a site measuring around 23,000 square metres

in the up-and-coming district of Zürich-West. Scheduled to begin in 2018, the construction work will continue until the end of 2020.


Panel discussion in the Swiss Architecture Museum

On the occasion of the exhibition ‘IN LAND AUS LAND’ Mathias Müller speaks about what it means to set up an architecture office abroad.

What are the challenges involved? What influence do cultural differences have on design and building work, on the acquisition of commissions, and on the

organisation of the firm? These and other questions will be examined at a panel discussion on Thursday, 5 October at 7 pm in S

AM Basel.

Open Day in Heuried Sports Centre

The new ice sports hall and the renovation of the outdoor swimming facility in Wasserschöpfi have been completed. On 16 September 2017, between 2

and 5 pm, the doors will be open to allow people to take a look. Sportzentrum Heuried, Wasserschöpfi 71, 8055 Zürich

On the chances and risks of BIM

In the framework of the SIA Zürich-BIM-Forum Gerry Schwyter, associate with EM2N, is giving a talk on the theme ‘BIM from the viewpoint of

practice’. The event takes place at 5.30 pm on Tuesday, 5 September 2017 in the Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich, Lagerstrasse 3.


Shortlisted for the Citroën Cultural Centre

Together with the two practices noAarchitecten from Brussels and Sergison Bates architects from London / Zürich EM2N have been shortlisted for the competition for

the ‘Citroën Cultural Centre’ in Brussels. From the numerous applications the jury selected seven international teams, which will develop concrete designs in the phase

that now follows. The former ‘Garage Citroën’ is to be converted into a new ‘Citroën Cultural Centre’, which will accommodate, among other things, a

museum for modern and contemporary art and centre for architecture. Dating from 1934, this building stands at prominent location in the centre of Brussels

and was a repair workshop as well as an exhibition space and salesroom. The conversion will create a flexible and interdisciplinary mixed function facility

for a broad public at this architecturally interesting location.

EM2N wins the competition in Zürich-Wollishofen

With their concept of urban diversity in green Wollishofen EM2N won first prize in this competition. The intention is to integrate the new development,

consisting of an ensemble of five buildings and three different outdoor spaces, in the heterogeneous neighbourhood. In accordance with the principle of urban variety

in a green setting, the redesign will have a public square and a wild garden, where compact buildings offering a variety of living spaces

will grow upwards to different heights. The exhibition of all the competition projects will be shown from 10 to 12 July 2017 between 4

to 6 pm on Wengistrasse 7 in Zurich.

EM2N and the step abroad

In the exhibition ‘IN LAND AUS LAND. Swiss Architects abroad’ the Swiss Architecture Museum S AM in Basel presents various architects’ offices from Switzerland

who have ventured to take a step beyond the national borders. Selected examples of projects, both built and never realized, tell about the transfer

of knowledge, cultural exchange, development aid and loss of control. Included in this show is EM2N, who, using models, plans and images, offer insights

into projects in China, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Germany and also report on their experiences abroad. The exhibition runs from 1 July to 12

November 2017. The opening is on 30 June from 7 pm.

The new architecture of the collective in Vitra Design Museum

The shortage of housing space is constantly increasing, as is the cost. As an answer to this problem a silent revolution has been taking

place in architecture in recent years: collective building and living. ʻTogether!ʼ undertakes a comprehensive and international examination of this phenomenon. Curated by Ilka and

Andreas Ruby together with EM2N, this exhibition will run from June 3 to September 10, 2017 in the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am

Rhein, Germany.

Housing project in Zellweger Park gets the green light

Uster town council has granted planning permission for the ensemble by EM2N on Building Plot D in Zellweger Park. The four buildings, staggered in

relation to each other, contain a variety of apartment types, all of which face towards the pond and allow the atmosphere of ʻLiving

in the Parkʼ to be experienced. Scheduled completion date for the project is 2020.


How do we want to live? Opening talk on the exhibition ʻTogether!ʼ

What answers can architecture offer to the housing question? How does communal living function? To mark the start of the exhibition ʻTogether! The New

Architecture of the Collectiveʼ the curators – Ilka and Andreas Ruby and Daniel Niggli – discuss these questions along with Angelika Fitz, Director of

the Architekturzentrum Wien (Vienna) and Kieran Long, Director of the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. On 2 June 2017 at 6 pm in

the Buckminster Fuller Dome, in English. Registration by 25 May 2017 to Following the talk the exhibition will be opened at 7 pm

in the Vitra Design Museum.

EM2N Architekten Berlin GmbH moves to new offices

The Berlin office of EM2N Architekten has moved. As of now it is located at Urbanstrasse 71 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Architectonic reuse projects in Mendrisio

The Toni-Areal will be shown in the international exhibition on architectonic reuse projects and transformation strategies in Medrisio. In addition to a series of

13 works featuring large format images a video section presents several additional projects with materials collected and studied by students of the Accademia di

architettura. From 28 April to 4 June 2017 in the Galleria dell’Accademia. Opening of the exhibition is at 7 pm on Thursday 27 April

in the 
Aula Magna, Palazzo Canavée in Mendrisio. Free entry.

Design for the Karlstrasse Site in Munich wins award

The proposals for the new Karlshof have been awarded second prize. The building, which offers innovative and diversified office loft spaces as well as

a hotel, asserts its presence in heterogeneous surroundings with a primarily industrial character in Munich’s inner city. All the users circulate through a generously

sized courtyard edged by continuous rings of balconies, which forms a striking centre. This creates a clear public quality and helps form a common

identity. Together with the spaces that can be used communally the potential synergies between hotel, gastronomy and offices are combined here, making the Karlshof

into a modern, innovative setting for work.

European – South East Asian Architectural Dialogue

The Future Cities Laboratory Singapore issues an invitation to a discussion between Chatpong Chuenrudeemol (CHAT architects, Bangkok) and Daniel Niggli from EM2N. Despite the

contrasts between the milieus in which they build, they both share a similar understanding of what architecture should be, how it responds to the

city and how city and region relate to each other. On 11 April 2017 at 7 pm, Metropol, Fraumünsterstrasse 12, Zurich. Registration required.

Construction of WIN4 Sports Training Centre begins

On 15 March the foundation stone for the new sports centre on Deutweg in Winterthur was laid. Although quite different to each other, the

three planned volumes will together form an ensemble and define a communal open space. They will be connected by a roofed, centrally positioned foyer

area. The first phase consists of a new building for a ball sports arena with the adjoining 'Sporttrakt 1', which includes the administration building.

'Sporttrakt 2' will follow in the second development phase.

An ensemble of commercial buildings for Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin

In the architecture competition for the development of Quartier Heidestrasse the proposal by EM2N has won the first prize. In this newly developed part

of Berlin it is planned to create a lively district made up of residential and commercial areas, public streets and squares and green spaces

of a high quality. With a gross area of around 114,000 square metres, the project consists of a row of simple commercial buildings, accentuated

by individual high-rises. A family of precisely positioned and typologically powerful buildings creates the framework for new life on Heidestrasse. The manufacturing history of

this location, based on the old Berlin Gewerbehof (courtyard-type industrial complex), provides both the starting point and inspiration for this kind of coexistence. Planned

start of construction is in 2018.

Building in the city is building with the city

What criteria are applied in assessing building projects in the City of Zurich? How do other cities approach this question? The Office of Urban

Planning poses these questions in a panel discussion with Daniel Niggli and people in positions of responsibility of other European cities. On 7 February

2017 at 7 pm. Admission is free, registration is not required. Stadthaus, Stadthausquai 17, Zurich.

Proposal for Casino Cologne awarded an honourable mention

In the competition for a new building for the Casino in Cologne the proposal by EM2N received an honourable mention. The exhibition of all

the competition projects will be held from 16 to 27 January, 2017 in the Magistrale of the Stadthaus Deutz, Willy-Brandt-Platz 2 in Cologne.

Lecture in Istanbul

Mathias Müller will talk about strategies of transformations in architecture in the framework of a public lecture to be given at the Studio-X in

Istanbul, an urban laboratory that aims to identify the current and future issues facing the city. On Saturday, 14 January 2017 at 7 pm.

Fourth place in competition for the Letzihaus

The area of railway tracks is a striking urban design element that extends across the city of Zurich. Accordingly, the developments erected at its

edges have an urban presence. A design competition was set up for one of these new projects. The proposal by EM2N for the Housing

Letzi achieved 4th place. From 8 to 17 December 2016 all the competition entries can be viewed in the exhibition space of the development

Letzibach C, Hohlstrasse 510 in Zurich. Opening times: from 5 to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 2 to 6 pm.

Lecture at the ETH Zurich

In the framework of the colloquium on ‘Architecture and Design’ at the Department of Architecture of the ETH Zurich Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli

will speak about ‘Reality as Discipline’ at 8 am on Thursday, 1 December 2016. In the auditorium HIL H 40.4 at the ETH Hönggerberg,



Visual atlas of recent Swiss architecture

In an exhibition with a comprehensive accompanying program the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel is showing the themes, contents and strategies that

occupy contemporary architects in Switzerland today. In collaboration with 162 architecture offices – including EM2N – the regionally differentiated and heterogeneous built reality of

the different parts of Switzerland is presented. This exhibition can be visited from 19 November 2016 to 7 May 2017.

Open City – Biberach architecture discussions

The Biberach architecture discussions held at Biberach University of Applied Sciences examine the possibilities of architecture and urban planning in the context of current

developments in various European cities. How can we create places with a strong character, which can, at the same time, respond to changes? Daniel

Niggli will speak on 15 November 2016 about transformations in Zurich. Admission is free, 7 pm in the Audimax, Karlstrasse 11, Biberach.

Lecture at the Istanbul Bilgi University

Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli will give a lecture about strategies of transformations in architecture. On 7 November 2016 at 6 pm in the

Istanbul Bilgi University, Santralistanbul Campus, Kazan Dairesi 6, Kazandibi room.

Award for good buildings in Canton Zug goes to the Hotel City Garden

The Hotel City Garden, completed in 2009, which is integrated in its natural setting by means of its reflective glass façade, was granted one

of the awards for good buildings in Canton Zug 2006 to 2015. The conversion of the Hammergut from a 150-year-old farm estate into a

contemporary mix of living accommodation and work spaces receives an honourable mention. The award-winning projects are being shown in the Verwaltungsgebäude 1, Aabachstrasse 5

in Zug from 28 October to 11 November 2016.

Refurbishment of viaduct arches as an opportunity for the city

At an international symposium in Prague, Gerry Schwyter, associate with EM2N, will present the transformation of the viaduct arches in Zurich as a contribution

to the discussion about viaducts in European cities. The symposium takes place within the context of plans to convert the Negrelli Viaduct in the

Karlin district. Consisting of 99 arches, this structures dates from 1850 and the intention now is to make it an integral part of the


Transformation Studio Istanbul

In fall semester 2016/17 Medine Altiok, Mathias Müller, and Daniel Niggli will teach as visiting professors at Bilgi University in Istanbul. Their master design

studio on the theme of ‘Transformations’ will deal, with the future of the ‘Atatürk Oto Sanayi Sitesi II Kisim’ in commercial area Maslak, a

dynamic urban district of Istanbul. The studio will aim to densify both usage and built fabric in order to transform the area into a

truly urban place.


Opening of the Lucerne School of Art and Design

On Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September 2016 the new location of Lucerne School of Art and Design, Building 745 in the Viscosistadt in

Emmenbrücke, will be inaugurated with a public celebration. Theme-focussed tours of the studios will offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about the converted

building and to gain insights into the various degree courses. A powerful and strongly expressive structure, Building 745 is part of the Viscosuisse industrial

legacy and was converted in as direct and restrained a manner as possible. Opening hours: Friday from 4 pm to 4 am and Saturday

from 11 am to 9 pm.

Zurich award for EM2N

With its ‘Award for Good Building’ the City of Zürich pays tribute to the conversion of the Toni-Areal into a location for education, culture

and living. The 400-metre-long façade of the Extension Herdern Railway Service Facility that flanks the railway tracks also convinced the jury and receives an

honourable mention. Composed of members from different disciplines, the jury assessed innovative building projects from the years 2011 to 2015. The projects are being

shown from 16 September 2016 to 11 February 2017 in the Stadthaus, Stadthausquai 17 in Zurich.

Open day on the building site in Heuried Sports Centre

On Saturday, 3 September 2016 there is an opportunity to inspect the renovation of the open-air swimming facility and the new ice sports hall

in Zurich. Guided tours of the building site will be given from 11 am to 4 pm. The refreshments and a play area for

children are located at the entrance to the construction site. Access is from the ‘Wasserschöpfi’.

Models of the Toni-Areal will be on show

The Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich is exhibiting models of all kinds from the areas of design, the sciences and the culture of leisure

time. In the framework of the exhibition ʻBuilding Worldsʼ, which runs from 15 July 2016 to 8 January 2017, the models on display in

the Toni-Areal include models of the Toni-Areal itself, which give visual form to the converted building.

Transformation from industrial site to lively urban district is honoured

Zellweger Park in Uster by the architects Morger Partner, Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer, and Herzog & de Meuron has been honoured with an

award of distinction from the Architecture Prize of Canton Zurich. EM2N and Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur are responsible for the master plan of this area

– which defines the development pattern of existing and new buildings and brings to Uster a new form of urban living and working amidst

a freely accessible, historically infused park – and also for the design of building lot D, an ensemble of four diverse building volumes with

some 133 apartments set to begin construction in 2018.

Honourable Mention for the Toni-Areal by Canton Zurich

In the context of the Architecture Prize of Canton Zurich the Toni-Areal has been awarded an honourable mention. This year the architecture prize focused

in particular on scale. The converted Toni-Areal convinced the jury on account of its different, greatly divergent scales. An exhibition about the nominated projects

is being held until 12 July 2016 in the entrance hall of the Toni-Areal. Also until 12 July, documentations of all the works submitted

for this prize are on show in the ART DOCK Halle, Hohlstrasse 258, in Zurich.

Lecture in the HafenCity University

In the conversion of a former large dairy complex into a university on the Toni-Areal in Zurich the size, the extremely different scales, and

the various functions presented real challenges in both urban design and architectural terms. ‘Everything under Reconstruction’: in his lecture Mathias Müller talks about the

kind of building transformations that have an impact on entire urban districts. On Thursday, 16 June at 6 pm, Auditorium 200, HafenCity University, Hamburg.

Exhibition ‘Museum der Zukunft’ has been prolonged

The exhibition of the competition entries can still be visited until 29 May 2016 in the Gutenberg Museum Mainz. Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

Toni-Areal is part of the Cities Connection Project in Zurich

The ʻCities Connection Projectʼ promotes architectural exchange between Barcelona and other cities. The City of Zurich was a guest in Catalonia last year. Now,

selected projects from both cities will be shown in Zurich as well. From 12 to 21 May 2016 at the Architekturforum, Brauerstrasse 16.

Passages, transitional spaces for the 21st century city

Tunnels, bridges, walkways, urban cable ways, escalators – the exhibition at the gallery ʻPassages du Désirʼ in Paris focuses on these small places of

movement. What are the specificities, the currents of ideas and innovation in these small spaces? The Hardbrücke Railway Station Upgrading in Zurich will be

part of this international exhibition. From 4 May to 5 June 2016, Rue du Faubourg 85–87, Saint-Martin, Paris. Free entrance. Monday, Wednesday to Sunday,

from 2 to 8 pm.

Completion of the Swiss Film Archive

The extension to the Cinémathèque suisse in Penthaz has been completed. The structure of the existing buildings was translated into a composite, ambivalent form

of parallel volumes of different length with an end situation that is marked by angled cuts. A new shell of rusted steel encases the

entire complex and connects the new and the existing parts.

Lecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Daniel Niggli will talk about the conversion of the Toni-Areal in the framework of a public lecture to be given at the Oslo School

of Architecture and Design. On Monday, 4 April 2016 at 1 pm in the Sverre Fehn Auditorium.

Flumserberg holiday home can be viewed in the Czech Republic

The Flumserberg holiday home by EM2N is one of the 40 selected projects in the exhibition ‘Built in Swiss Mountains’. The exhibition can be

viewed from 22 March to 4 April 2016 in the Galerie Architektury in Brno and from 7 April to 15 May in the Galerie

Jaroslava Fragnera in Prague.

Proposal for the Gutenberg Museum Mainz awarded an honourable mention

In the architecture competition for the extension to the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz the entry by EM2N has been awarded an honourable mention. The

project proposes enabling the museum, currently distributed in different buildings, to grow together to create a new, condensed ensemble that offers a clear address

and helps calm the urban planning situation on Liebfrauenplatz, while at the same time meeting the demands of a modern museum.
The opening of the

exhibition of the competition entries is at 3 pm on Wednesday, 2 March 2016 in the Gutenberg Museum. Opening hours of the exhibition until

13 March: Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm; Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.

Transformation is the theme of the JUNG architecture discussions

This year the 11th JUNG discussions about architecture in Berlin address transformation processes in the urban environment. On 15 February Mathias Müller will speak

about positive scenarios for increased density in Switzerland. The evening will be held in the Chamäleon Theater, Rosenthaler Strasse 40 / 41 (Hackesche Höfe),

Berlin. Registration is required and should be made online by 11 February at the latest.

Exhibition about Neues Wohnen on Briesestrasse

The competition entries for the apartment building on Briesestrasse in Berlin-Neukölln will be exhibited from 28 January to 11 February 2016. From Monday to

Saturday, 1 pm to 7 pm in the hall of the Kinder- und Jugendzentrum Lessinghöhe, Mittelweg 30, Berlin. Admission is free.

New Housing on Briesestrasse in Berlin-Neukölln

EM2N wins the competition for an apartment building on Briesestrasse in Berlin-Neukölln. With apartments of different types and sizes as well as communal areas

this project makes a contribution to new urban forms of housing and, by increasing the density of the district, promotes the further development of

the urban area at a high level of quality. The housing project is to be completed in 2018.

Exhibition of the competition entries for the extension to the Bauhaus-Archiv

In the framework of the exhibition ‘Moving forward’ all the prize-winning competition entries, including the project by EM2N which was awarded 5th prize, can

be seen from 2 December 2015 to 29 February 2016 in the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin. The exhibition is open daily,

except Tuesdays, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Clearance and dismantling work on Bahnhofstrasse 45 has been started

The general renovation of the UBS headquarters on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich has begun. The clearance and dismantling work currently underway is in preparation for

the planned start of construction at the beginning of the New Year. By 2018 this historic building, which is a listed monument, will be

adapted to meet future requirements in terms of both building services and urban design.

Heading for new shores: EM2N opens an office in Berlin

The newly-founded second company, EM2N Architekten Berlin GmbH, will be headed by Verena Lindenmayer as managing director. She was project head with EM2N in

Zurich from 2003 to 2012. Together with her team she will commence work from November at Falckensteinstrasse 48 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Fifth place in the competition for the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung in Berlin

The design by EM2N proposed an offensive strategy based on continuing the building. By means of an extension the modular system of the existing

building is developed further in a way that strengthens its exceptional urban position in Berlin Mitte, as an island in the city. The competition

entries can be seen in HO | Berlin, Holzmarktstrasse 66, from 6 to 25 November, 2015 between 1 pm and 7 pm.

Laying of the foundation stone for the Heuried Sports Centre

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the new Heuried Sports Centre, Ice Sport Hall in Zurich will take place on Friday, 30 October 2015,

10.30 am. What is happening on the building site can be observed all around the clock – follow the link below.

Swiss Architecture in Sicily

Selected contemporary Swiss buildings that combine the contrasts between history and the present will be shown from 24 October to 30 November 2015 in

Catania, Sicily. Among other projects the Refurbishment of the Viaduct Arches in Zürich and the Herdern Railway Service Facility, both by EM2N, can be

seen in the show at the Palazzo Platamone, Via Vittorio Emanuele 121.

Housing and life in the city

How can urban housing of real quality be achieved? How do urban districts retain their individual character? Which are the intelligent housing concepts that

can make housing space affordable in the future? At the 10th JUNG architecture discussions, which focus on the theme of housing, questions of this

kind will be explored. Mathias Müller will give a talk and take part in the panel discussion that then follows. On 29 October, 2015

at 6.30 pm in the Architekturforum Zürich, Brauerstrasse 16. Registration (on the website) is required.

The City of the Future

How can architecture contribute innovatively to the urban development of a city worth living in? Together with others Daniel Niggli discusses the question of

the ideal city of the future. On Wednesday, 28 October 2015 in the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart at 7 pm. Registration at

Start of construction on plot A

Construction of the building structure has started on plot A1 of the project Greencity. The housing project on the Sihl-Manegg site in Zürich, Switzerland is to be completed in spring 2017.

Import Zurich to Barcelona

The Cities Connection Project promotes architectural exchange between Barcelona and other cities. The City of Zurich is a guest at this year’s event from

22 to 23 October 2015 in COAC (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya). The Toni-Areal by EM2N is featured in the accompanying exhibition.

Glatt! in Lugano

The exhibition ‘Glatt! Manifesto for a City in Progress’ by the Architects’ Group Krokodil will be shown from 4 to 20 September 2015 in

the i2a istituto internazionale di architettura at Villa Saroli in Lugano. Exhibition opening is on Friday 4 September at 6 pm.

EM2N to build the New Museum of Natural History and State Archives in Basel

The project Zasamane was awarded first prize in the competition for the new building to house the Museum of Natural History Basel and the

State Archives Basel-City. This unique storehouse of information, which in the future will combine knowledge about nature and culture, takes the form of a

staggered, elongated building with a tall, slender tower that provides an urban symbol for both institutions. Nevertheless, the two individual identities are of central

importance: strong spaces will create distinct addresses for both functions and make each of them clearly recognizable. The principle of adding and layering forms

a general leitmotif that can be recognized externally and is continued in the interior structure of spaces. It is planned to begin the erection

of new building in 2018.

Exhibition of the competition entries

From 20 August to 13 September 2015 all the competition entries for the new building for the Museum of Natural History and State Archives

in Basel will be on show. Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at the Natural History Museum Basel, Augustinergasse 2. Free


Sixth place in the competition for the Zollhaus

‘Fred, Wilma & Pebbles’ wins 6th place among the 102 projects submitted in the competition for the Zollhaus housing and commercial development by the

cooperative Kalkbreite. The top-ranking projects will be shown from 2 to 5 July 2015 in an open-air exhibition in the temporary garden Zollstrasse, at

the corner of Langstrasse and Zollstrasse (daily, 10 am to 8 pm).

Lecture at the Pyramid of Tirana

Mathias Müller will talk about transformations in architecture. The Pyramid of Tirana is a witness of changes in Albanian society over the last two

decades. It will serve as the framework for this lecture. Wednesday 3 June 2015, 7 pm.

Transformation into living space

The theme of the 15th Burgau Architecture Day on 21 May 2015 is the transformation of existing buildings into living space. In this context

Daniel Niggli tells about the conversion of Hammer agricultural estate in Cham. In the course of a continuous transformation process extending over a period

of 150 years the powerful orthogonal basic structure of this ensemble of buildings has always provided the basis for the successful integration of new

buildings. This was also the point from which the present conversion started. Roma-Forum, Industriestrasse 38, Burgau, from 10 am, on-line registration required.

Housing cooperatives – a mass phenomenon?

As part of the conference ‘Optimistic Suburbia’ Fabian Hörmann, associate with EM2N, is directing a research workshop on participatory processes in architecture at the

University of Lisbon. From Monday 18 until Friday 22 May 2015.

Lecture at PBSA Düsseldorf

Daniel Niggli talks about the Toni-Areal on Tuesday 21 April 2015 at 12 pm, together with Andreas Ruby. Peter Behrens School of Architecture, Japanhaus, Georg-Glock-Strasse 15, Düsseldorf.

Neufrankengasse apartment building as an example of the new development areas

The great demand for areas to build on in big cities means that even ‘difficult’ sites must be developed. With his presentation in the

framework of the Monday Discussion in Cologne, Daniel Niggli shows how a site with serious noise problems can be developed into urban space. With

the Neufrankengasse apartment building in Zurich a project was developed, which, although it nestles up against the dominant area of railway tracks in visual

terms, distances itself from them acoustically, and in this way offers living space of real quality. Lecture and panel discussion on 20 April 2015,

7.30 to 9.30 pm, Domforum, Domkloster 3, Cologne.

Work on building the new Heuried Sports Centre has just started

Demolition and excavation work for the redesigned Heuried Sports Centre in the middle of the city of Zurich has started. A new ice sports

hall that can be used throughout the year is planned. The outdoor swimming pool will be given additional areas for guests to lie in

the sun and a new water playground will be made for children. The opening of the ice sports hall is planned for autumn 2017;

the swimming complex is to be completed in spring 2018.

Lecture at Munich University of Applied Sciences

As part of the lecture series ‘here & there’ at Munich University of Applied Sciences Mathias Müller will talk about Transformations. On Thursday, 26

March at 7 pm in the University Aula, Karlstrasse 6, Munich.

Construction work on the new design university in Lucerne starts

In the new district known as the Viscosistadt in Emmen work on converting the five-storey ‘Building 745’ has started. Part of the Monosuisse legacy,

this strongly expressive building shapes the character of this former industrial site. In summer 2016 Lucerne School of Art and Design will move into

the converted rooms.

Making the Toni resound

How were the various spaces on the Toni-Areal, from the concert hall to the organ room, designed for sound? How did acoustic measures become

a determining architectural theme? The Swiss Baumuster-Centrale Zürich is organising a ‘brownbag lunch’ on these topics in the form of a discussion with Christof

Zollinger, associate with EM2N, and Martin Lachmann, acoustician with applied acoustics. Thursday, 19 March 2015, 12.15 to 1.30 pm, Weberstrasse 4, Zürich. Registration by

17 March to:

Viewing of the apartment building amRietpark

On Saturday, 7 March 2015 there will be an opportunity to view the apartment building amRietpark on Building Lot C of the former Färbi

industrial site in Schlieren. The new district being created there will offer a balanced mix of housing, offices, commercial and leisure uses. From 1

to 4 pm, amRietpark, Schlieren.

Competition for the Haus der Gegenwart

In the competition for the new building for the Stapferhaus Lenzburg, the project ‘Bob’ achieved 2nd place. The future Haus der Gegenwart (House of

the Present) provides space for temporary exhibitions on present-day themes. The project by EM2N presented itself as an industrial building with the greatest possible

degree of flexibility in the interior. The public face is the large surface of the concave end facade, which serves as a screen that

can be redesigned for each exhibition. The volume of the building remains recognisable, but it changes its facade with every new exhibition. From 23

to 27 February and from 2 to 5 March the competition entries can be viewed in the rooms of Artoz Papier in Lenzburg.

Second place in the competition for the Zwicky Site

The project ‘The Dude, Walter and Donny’ was awarded 2nd place in the competition for building lots A6-A9 in the Zwicky Site in Wallisellen,

Switzerland. On the grounds of this old-established textiles factory a new, lively and urban district is to be created offering a variety of

living and work spaces and a district centre. On Friday 6 February (11 am to 1 pm) and from 9 to 12 February (11

am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm) the competition entries can be viewed in an exhibition in the ‘Wasserturm’ on the

Zwicky Site.

AA Visiting School in Izmir

Izmir is the sixth and final destination for the AA Visiting School on the theme ‘Mittelmeerland’ (Mediterranean Country). In this context Mathias Müller will

participate as a speaker and visiting critic and on 7 February will give a talk about the transformation of existing buildings that provide a

positive impetus for the adjoining urban areas.

Metamorphoses of viaducts in European cities

At an international symposium to be held in Prague, Gerry Schwyter, associate with EM2N, will present the transformation of the viaduct arches in Zurich

as a contribution to the discussion about the metamorphosis of viaducts in European cities.

Zurich viaduct arches can be visitied in Paris

In the form of an architecture model the conversion of the viaduct arches in Zurich is being presented as part of the exhibition ‘How

many lives does a building have?’ in the Palais de Chaillot, Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine in Paris. Together with 71 further projects

from Europe, this conversion is intended to represent transformation as an act of creation. It is being shown in the first of the three

exhibition phases, from 17 December 2014 to 2 March 2015.

Glatt! in Lausanne

The exhibition ‘Glatt! Manifesto for a City in Progress’ by the Architects’ Group Krokodil will be shown from 13 to 29 November 2014 in the Archizoom Space, EPFL in Lausanne.

Urbanism in Switzerland?

The 8th Architectural Conversation in Einsiedeln is devoted to the current state of urban planning in Switzerland, using as a starting point concrete urban

designs, competition entries, studies and projects. The understanding of urbanity implicit in each will be discussed. In addition an attempt will be made to

explore the role that architects can play in the design of our built environment. Daniel Niggli, EM2N, will take part. On 15 November 2014,

from 10 am in the Stiftung Bibliothek Werner Oechslin, Einsiedeln.

ARC AWARD for conversion into living space

The conversion of the former office building on Habsburgstrasse in Zürich to create an apartment building with 27 flats has been granted the ARC

AWARD 2014 in the category ‘Conversion into Living Space’. This Swiss architecture prize is awarded annually by the ‘Schweizer Baudokumentation’ and the architecture magazine


Creative City

On Saturday 25 October from 5 pm to 2 am Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is celebrating its new campus as a ʻCreative

Cityʼ. For this public occasion the converted milk-processing building will be transformed into a pulsating city of creativity: with music, art, film, theatre, dance

and design. An opportunity not just to see the Toni-Areal, but also to experience it.

New center for the Stadt Glatt!

The exhibition ‘Glatt! Manifesto for an Emerging City’ by the Architects’ Group Krokodil presents possible solution strategies for the future urban development of the

Glatttal. It will be shown from 21 to 25 October 2014 in the Architekturforum in Zürich, together with the test planning for the ‘National

Innovation Park’ by the Zurich office Hosoya Schaefer. The opening, with an introduction by Andreas Sonderegger, a member of the Krokodil group, and Markus

Schaefer from the team Hosoya Schaefer, takes place on Monday, 20 October at 7 pm. Architekturforum Zürich, Brauerstrasse 16, Zürich.

Heuried Sports Centre can be built

The electorate has approved the loan for the Heuried Sports Centre in Zurich. This means that the project by EM2N for the new ice

sports hall with its large projecting roof can be erected from spring of next year. The planned completion date is autumn 2017.

Open Days in the Toni-Areal

On September 27 and 28, 2014 there will be an opportunity to view the newly opened campus in Zurich-West between 10 am and 6

pm (Saturday), and from 10 am to 4 pm (Sunday). During these two days the universities will present a highly diverse program of events

in the new rooms.

Opening of the Toni-Areal

The conversion of the former milk processing building into a location for education, culture and housing has been completed. As a new public and

cultural focal point in Zurich-West the Toni-Areal offers a generously-sized roof garden, a large concert hall, the Mehrspur music club and the Schaudepot (Open

Collections) of the Museum für Gestaltung and now combines educational facilities previously distributed in 35 separate locations under a single roof. In mid-September around

5,000 students, lecturers and staff will start the new university year there for the first time. Accordingly, on Friday, 12 September the new campus

will be officially opened by the education and building departments of Canton Zurich, by the two universities, ZHdK and ZHAW, and Allreal.

Nero wins second prize

In the competition for the new building for the Swiss Dance and Textile College at Wasserwerkstrasse 127A in Zurich the project ‘Nero’ by EM2N

won second place. All the competition entries can be viewed from 19 to 28 August 2014 in the exhibition space Tramonthalle, first floor entrance

18, Robert-Maillart-Strasse 18, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon.

Completion and handover of the multi-generational apartment house in Bremgarten

Thinking City

The interdisciplinary Summer School focuses on the dynamics of making Amsterdam. For the opening on Saturday, 5 July 2014 at 4 pm in the

Pakhuis de Zwijger Daniel Niggli has been invited to share his experiences of the Summer Academy organized two years ago in Zurich by the

Architects Group Krokodil.

best architects 15 in gold

This year marked the ninth presentation of the ‘best architects’ awards. From 415 entries submitted the jury awarded prizes in different categories to a

total of 62 works and gave the project ‘Extension Herdern Railway Service Facility’ the label ‘best architects 15 in gold’.

What can Chur learn from the Glatttal City?

The exhibition ʻGlatt! Manifesto for a City in Progressʼ by the Architects Group Krokodil visits Chur from 5 to 18 June 2014 and shows

solution strategies for the future development of the Glatttal. In this framework Roger Boltshauser, a member of the Krokodil group, discusses with other guests

on Wednesday 11 June ‘What can Chur West learn from the Glatttal City?’. Rathaus Chur, Poststrasse 33, open Monday to Friday, 8 am to

12 midday and 1.30 to 5 pm, panel discussion at 7.30 pm.

Award 2014 für Marketing + Architektur

The conversion of the viaduct arches has been granted the ‘Award 2014 for Marketing + Architecture’ in the category ʻIndustrial and Commercial Spacesʼ. This

prize is awarded to firms, institutions, architects and clients that employ architecture as a marketing instrument in a meaningful and high quality way.

Between Autonomy and Dissolution

Lecture by UMWELT, office of practice and research on architecture and territorial design, founded 2011 in Santiago de Chile by Ignacio Garcia Partarrieu and

Arturo Scheidegger. Friday, 30 May 2014, 7 pm, Architekturforum Zürich, Brauerstrasse 16, Zurich. Organised by EM2N.

Architectures of knowledge in Paris

Mathias Müller has been invited to the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris. On 27 May 2014 at 8 pm he will report on the

conversion of the Toni Site for Zurich University of the Arts and Zurich University of Applied Sciences and also talk about other buildings by

EM2N. The lecture series ‘The Architectures of Knowledge’ in the CCS concentrates on buildings designed especially for teaching and research. Admission is free, reservation

is recommended.

New Swiss Architecture

Daniel Niggli takes part in the event ‘New Swiss Architecture’ at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture. On Tuesday, 20 May 2014 at

6 pm with a lecture given in the Egon Eiermann Lecture Theatre.

Who’s responsible?

The Architects Group Krokodil presents its exhibition ‘Glatttal: Eine Stadt im Werden!’ in the framework of the annual program ‘Masterplan: Wer Macht’s?’ (The master

plan: who’s responsible for it?) in the Forum Architektur in Winterthur. Frank Zierau, architect from the Krokodil group, will give a short talk about

the project at the exhibition opening. Thursday, 8 May 2014, 7 pm. Location: Veranstaltungssaal, Amt für Städtebau Technikumstrasse 81, Winterthur.


Times of crisis force new solutions and demand adaptation processes. In a series of lectures the Maison de l’Architecture de Genève wishes to explore

which forms of architectural resilience are possible. In this framework Mathias Müller reports on EM2N’s strategy of a pragmatic and polarizing architecture. On 3

April 2014, 6.30 pm, in the Palais de l’Athénée, Rue de l’Athénée 2, Geneva.

EM2N in Mexico City

Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli are to give the opening lecture of the exhibition ‘Swiss Positions’, which is being held in the framework of

the MEXTRÓPOLI Festival in Mexico City. EM2N are represented in this worldwide travelling exhibition by their conversion project for the viaduct arches in

Zurich. The lecture will take place at 6 pm on 23 March 2014 in the Franz Mayer Museum, Hidalgo 45, Mexico City. The introduction

will be made by Dr. Peter Krieger, who will also chair the evening.

Daniel Niggli lectures in Chennai, India

On the occasion of the ‘Swiss Year of Architecture, Design and Engineering in India 2013–2014’ Daniel Niggli will give a lecture at Anna University,

College of Engineering, Guindy on Friday, March 7, 2014. TAG Auditorium, 6 pm, moderated by Dr. A. Srivathsan, senior deputy editor ‘The Hindu’.

Decision in favour of the Viscosi Town

The School of Design and Art is to move to the former Monosuisse industrial site in Emmenbrücke. Based on an urban planning study commissioned

from EM2N the intention is to develop a ‘Viscosi Town’ here in the future. The ‘Bau 745’ with a usable floor area of 10,500

m2, the first conversion on this former industrial site, will become the home of the university. This former production building and the park along

the river are to be completed by 2016.

Completion of Housing Bühlstrasse, Küsnacht

This residential building in Küsnacht, Switzerland, contains four dwelling units. The volume, located on a gentle slope, has a strikingly folded facade that reacts

to the special qualities of the topography, the need for privacy and the views. The external appearance is shaped by the dark-coloured concrete elements

and the generous areas of glazing on all sides that break up the building into bands and do justice to the spectacular setting.


The amRietpark project is forging ahead

The shell of the building on Site C of amRietpark in Schlieren has been completed. The projected completion date for this mixed use development with an area of around 39,150 m2 is spring 2015.

Fundamental terms of architecture

Daniel Niggli is to give a lecture at the TU Dortmund in the framework of the lecture series ‘Fundamental Terms of Architecture’. In the

context of the semester theme ‘RE:USE’ the special focus will be on conversion projects by EM2N. On 10 December, 2013 at 6 pm in

Campus Süd, Dorischer Saal.

What kind of technology for architecture?

The 7th Architectural Conversation in Einsiedeln revolves around the use of technology as a means of architecture, in both an expanded and original sense,

and examines the fundamental potential of technical inventions for architecture and urban design. On 23 November 2013, from 2 pm in the Stiftung Bibliothek

Werner Oechslin; Mathias Müller, EM2N will take part. Registration by email to:

Viaduct arches win the ARC AWARD

The conversion of the viaduct arches in Zurich has received the ARC AWARD 2013 in the category ‘Conversion: Office, Commercial, Retail and Industrial Buildings’.

This Swiss architecture prize is awarded annually by the ‘Schweizer Baudokumentation’ and the specialist magazine ‘VISO’.

Dense Cities XL

In the framework of the lecture series ‘Sustainable Urban Development’ at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart, Fabian Hörmann, Associate at EM2N,

will report on the Glatttal Study. The lecture will take place at 1 pm on Thursday, November 14, 2013, Am Weissenhof 1, Hörsaal (Lecture

Theatre) Neubau 1.

Zurich’s viaduct arches on show in Seoul

The conversion of the viaduct arches, photographed by Roger Frei, forms part of the ‘Swiss Positions + Swiss Scales’ exhibition in the Korea

Foundation Cultural Center Gallery in Seoul. The exhibition, which opens on November 6 and will run until December 20, 2013, presents projects at four

different scales that illustrate the quality of Swiss architecture.

Visiting Hammergut courtyard ensemble

Saturday, November 9, 2013 is open day in the Hammergut in Cham. The total of eleven buildings, some of them conversions of old farm

estate buildings, others newly erected, house a total of 38 residential and commercial units. They can be visited between 2 pm and 5 pm.

One of Zurich’s longest facades is fitted in place

At Herdern service facility in Zurich-Altstetten the glass fibre-reinforced concrete elements with a three-dimensional effect are currently being mounted in position. With a length

of around 400 metres the south facade created as a result will be a prominent feature for those travelling past by train. Completion of

the building is planned for the end of this year.

The opening of the new Sedorama Headquarters

For three days, from 25 to 27 September 2013, the newly completed Sedorama Headquarters in Schönbühl near Bern will be open to the public.

In addition to the chance to see the building, visitors can avail of a guided tour of the new headquarters given by EM2N Architects.

A round of discussions will be held on trends and developments in architecture and on the new Sedorama building – also with the participation

of EM2N. Concerts and aperitifs round off the program for the opening days. Admission is free of charge.

The Glatttal Study visits Geneva

The Glatttal Study by the Architects Group Krokodil will be presented at the ‘Semaine de la Densité – Urbanité’ (week on the theme of

density – urbanity) in Geneva. The exhibition, which is open to the public from September 14 to 21, 2013 between 12 noon and 8

pm, will be held in the Pavillon Sicli, Route des Acacias 45. In addition, the study will also form part of a discussion about

how to build in an urban way on the periphery, which will take place at 6 pm on Wednesday, September 18.

Björn Rimner is a new associate at EM2N

Björn Rimner has worked for EM2N since autumn 2006. As junior associate he shares responsibility for the Toni Site project. Now, as an associate, he additionally joins the management of EM2N.


best architects 14 in gold

In this year’s competition the Neufrankengasse apartment building received a special honour given to only nine projects. It was awarded the label ‘best architects

14’ in gold. The completed Sedorama AG Headquarters was also granted a ‘best architects 14’ award.

First prize for the overall refurbishment of the UBS headquarters in Zurich

EM2N’s design for the complex of buildings on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich places a particular urban emphasis and opens this prominently positioned landmark building to

the general populace in the form of a spacious banking hall adjoined by a planted internal courtyard, a café and attractive shops at ground

floor level. Planned completion date for the construction work is mid-2017.

Construction work has started on the multi-generational apartment house

This second apartment house is being developed and built by DN2M Projektentwicklung AG at a central location in Bremgarten, Switzerland. Two of the light-flooded

single-storey apartments with terrace or balcony and garden are still for sale.

Lecture at the TU Berlin

Together with Jan and Tim Edler from realities:united Daniel Niggli will give a lecture at the TU Berlin. The talk will take place at

7 pm on Wednesday, 3 July 2013 in the Hermann-Rietschel-Institut, Marchstrasse 4, Room HL001. The contribution to the lecture series ‘Leib und Seele’ (‘Body

and Soul’) is under the title ‘Generator’ and deals with innovative contemporary forms of expression in art and architecture.

First prize for the ‘Medela’ production and administration complex

EM2N’s design for the new Swiss location of the Medela Company in Perlen emerged as winner of the competition. It consists of an operations

building, which is a compact conglomerate made up of four parts staggered in relation to each other that house storage, production, fabrication and logistics,

and an office building distinguished by its striking circular form.

EM2N Model visits Graz

The exhibition ‘Kultur:Stadt’ travels from the Akademie der Künste, Berlin to Austria. From 28 June to 13 October 2013, it can be viewed daily

(except Mondays) between 10 am and 5 pm in the Kunsthaus Graz, Lendkai 1. The Kunsthaus Graz itself belongs to a series of striking

cultural buildings that function as new promoters of urban development. The exhibition includes the model of EM2N’s design for the Toni site.

EM2N in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

In the framework of the conference ‘Layering’ in Buenos Aires Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli are giving a lecture on Friday, 31 May 2013

at 7 pm in the Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Montevideo Street 938. Afterwards, from 4 to 7 June, a workshop is being held in

Santiago de Chile for students of the Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile. The fundamental idea of the Collision City provides the basis for their

lecture and workshop. ‘Our architectural heritage is understood as material that can be transformed into something new. Such ‘material’ is present in architecture in

virtually inexhaustible quantities and is available as a kind of open source software.’

Book launch: Glatt! From Suburb to City?

This book edited by the Architects Group Krokodil and designed by EM2N tells the story of the International Summer Academy Zurich and in the

form of essays and statements, an encyclopedia, as well as the results of the individual studios, writes the next chapter in the history of

the virtual City of Glatt. Including contributions from Marc Angélil, André Bideau, Emanuel Christ, Christoph Gantenbein, Angelus Eisinger, Freek Persyn, Andreas Ruby and Markus

Schaefer. Book launch on Friday, 17 May 2013 at 6 pm in the ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering, Hall 180, Tössfeldstrasse

11 in Winterthur.

Second place for the administration building on the Paulaner site in Munich

EM2N together with Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten have won 2nd place in the competition for the administration building on the Paulaner Brewery site. An attractive

new district for 3,000 residents is to be created on the nine-hectare site in the traditional urban district of Nockherberg. The brewery administration will

remain on the site and the empty ‘Zacherlbau’, a listed building, is to be converted to provide the office space required for it. As

regards the three other parts of the site, all of which will be developed with housing, and the urban planning study for the area

as a whole EM2N has reached the next round of the selection process.

Meeting in Brussels: Innovative housing project for Flanders

In the framework of an event initiated by The Flemish Government Architect’s Team, which presents measures and solutions to counteract the suburbanisation and fragmentation

of the northern part of Belgium, Daniel Niggli presents a number of reference projects, residential buildings in Zurich designed and built by EM2N. On

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 in the Flemish Parliament, ‘De Schelp’ Hall, Hertogsstraat 6 in Brussels.

Housing Rue Rebière

The two residential buildings, remarkable for their acute angled shape and a horizontal striped facade are completed. This EM2N project along a cemetry wall

is part of the ‘Aménagement de la Porte Pouchet’ in the 17th Arrondissement in Paris.

Completion of the first phase

The first phase of the Swiss Film Archive in Penthaz has been completed. This includes the front section comprising the puclic areas and the

archive itself which is located below ground. The second phase of construction starts in June 2013.

Robust plinth with generously dimensioned city terrace and delicate hovering roof achieves a high ranking

EM2N’s design for the new ice hockey and volleyball arena in Zürich-Altstetten won fourth prize. The competition project ‘MEXTLI’ can be viewed from 14

to 28 March 2013 in the exhibition space on the lower ground floor of Oerlikon Hallenbad at Wallisellenstrasse 100 in Zurich.

Swiss Positions – lecture and exhibition

The travelling exhibition ‘Swiss Positions: 33 takes on sustainable approaches to building’, organised by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, presents 33 key projects

from the Swiss construction sector over the past twenty years. In the framework of the opening in Prague, Mathias Müller will hold a lecture

on Thursday, 7 March 2013 at 7 pm in the Bethlehem Chapel. Selected photographs of EM2N’s Refurbishment of the Viaduct Arches are on show

in the exhibition from 7 March to 14 April 2013 in the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery.

The Toni Site forms part of the exhibition Culture:City in Berlin

In the exhibition ‘Kultur:Stadt’, which runs from 15 March to 26 May 2013, the Berlin Akademie der Künste presents selected international culture buildings in

the form of plans, photographs, models and films. The show examines the relationship between culture and the city. Among the projects on display is

the 2.4 metre long model of the Toni Site, EM2N’s conversion of the former milk factory into Zurich University of the Arts and Applied

Sciences. Complementing this exhibition Daniel Niggli will give a lecture on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 at 7 pm in the Studio of the Akademie

der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10 in Berlin.

Construction work starts on the ‘amRietpark’ project

Construction of the building structure has started on plot C of the project ‘amRietpark’ in Schlieren, Switzerland. The building measuring 39‘150 m2 floor area

is sheduled to be completed in 2015. This project is part of an urban planning scheme by Galli Rudolf Architects for the former ‘Färbi’

factory site. It adjoins EM2N’s urban planning scheme for the former ‘Geistlich’ factory site. A combined park will connect both sites with the surrounding

areas. Additionally a mix of housing, commercial and office spaces will shape the character of this newly built district.

Housing Neufrankengasse

A new building has been completed between the inner city and an expansive area of railway tracks. Site visit on Saturday, January 19, 2013

from 2 to 5 pm on Neufrankengasse / Langstrasse 151 in Zurich.

The ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation gets a new headquarters

EM2N is working together with local partner Zotov & Co Ltd. on the design of an administration building in Ukraine for one of Europe’s

largest manufacturers of confectionery products. The planned new building with a floor area of around 5300 m2 relates contextually to a historically developed factory

site from the 1870s on the periphery of Kiev’s old town.

Launch of sales of the multi-generational apartment house

Starting from now eight light-flooded, single-storey apartments with balconies and terraces, as well as maisonettes with internal light-wells and their own gardens are for

sale. This second apartment house is being developed and built by DN2M Projektentwicklung AG at a central location in Bremgarten, Switzerland.

Toni Site: the building shell has reached the 23rd storey

The traditional topping-out ceremony on Friday, September 7, 2012 marked the completion of the approximately 70-metre-tall building shell. From next summer the new campus

on the site of the former Toni milk-processing factory will, alongside 100 apartments and public culture and events areas, accommodate various departments of Zurich

University of the Arts (ZHdK) and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

3 x best architects 13

In this year’s competition the three completed projects ‘Keystone Office Building, Prague’, ‘Culture and Congress Centre, Thun’ and ‘Refurbishment Viaduct Arches, Zurich’ were awarded

with the label ‘best architects 13’.

‘From Suburb to City’ is about to start

The International Summer Academy Zurich takes place from 22 July to 5 August 2012. Significant issues concerning the integration of existing structures, the creation

of identity, inner-city public space, new infrastructure and transport systems will be addressed. From Monday to Friday from 6.30 pm the ten studios will

be accompanied by a broad range of public lectures and discussion forums. The speakers include Marc Angélil, André Bideau, Alexandre Chemetoff, Emanuel Christ &

Christoph Gantenbein, Roger Diener, Angelus Eisinger, Jan Edler, Martin Heller, Freek Persyn, Marcel Meili and Andreas Ruby.

New headquarters and architectural eye-catcher in Schönbühl

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone marked the start of construction for the new headquarters for Sedorama AG, a supplier of chairs, tables

and functional furniture, in the Swiss region known as Espace Mittelland at the gates of Berne. The building includes a showroom, warehouse, dispatch area

and workshop. On both its long sides it is slightly concave, while inside visitors receive a surprise in the form of a full-height stepped

spatial cascade. They are led through the exhibition across internal terraces and connecting staircases that offer a variety of views outside as well as

complete overviews of the exhibits and their presentation in space.

A big, hovering roof – first prize for the design of Heuried Sports Centre, new Ice Sport Hall

The newly conceived sports centre in the district of Wiedikon in Zurich boasts an ice sport hall, outdoor ice rinks, open-air swimming pools, as

well as servant and public spaces. The compact building volume can be read as a tripartite vertical sequence consisting of a concrete plinth, timber

structure and storey-high band of glazing. A widely projecting roof crowns the volume that lightens and dissolves as it rises upwards. In the interior

the robust nature of the structure and the surfaces is complemented by the clarity and generosity of the spaces and spatial relationships. The ‘MAOAM’

project can be viewed in the Tramonthalle exhibition space in Zurich from 25 May to 3 June 2012.

AIT Award 2012: First Prize for EM2N’s Refurbishment of the Viaduct Arches

From a selection of 1546 projects submitted from 42 different countries, the Refurbishment of the Viaduct Arches is awarded first prize in the category

‘Conversion’ by the ‘AIT Award – Global Award for the very best in Interior and Architecture 2012’.

A new building in Prague

The individual sloping of the crystal-like facade of the Keystone Office Building constructed from semi-glossy aluminium panels and glas, is capable of capturing and

reflecting the light and colours from its surroundings and bears a reference to the Czech Cubism. This recently completed building, located at the border

of Karlín’s historically developed area at the corner of Pobřežni Street and Šaldova Street in Prague, Czech Republic offers in addition to office space

about 750 square metres of retail space and parking places on three basement levels.

Remarkable construction pit of the Housing Riedpark

A start was made for the second phase of the Riedpark housing development in Zug, Switzerland.

‘Alex’ on construction plot A is awarded first prize

EM2N won first prize with their design for an elongated building that contains cooperative housing and commercial spaces and establishes a sense of identity

on the Greencity site at Zurich’s southern periphery. On account of the exposed location between the railway tracks and a road the individual apartments

are connected to the communal space and the large roof garden adjoining it by means of what is called a ‘street in the air’.

The garden, the staircases, laundries and communal rooms as well as flexible interstitial spaces that allow a variety of uses are combined to create

a collective spatial figure.

EM2N designs a multi-generational apartment house

This new housing project comprises eight, light-flooded, single-storey apartments with balconies and terraces, as well as maisonettes with internal light-wells and their own gardens.

This new apartment building is being developed and built by DN2M Projektentwicklung AG at a central location in Bremgarten, Switzerland, that offers excellent transport

connections and expansive views across the River Reuss. Scheduled completion date is summer 2014.

Extension to Bündner Kunstmuseum: EM2N wins second prize

The expressively incised building form and the sculpturally dramatic gesture of the new entrance building by EM2N declare it to be an autarchic building

in the urban context. The open transparent space of the ground floor establishes a direct relationship to the surrounding garden and to the historic

neighbouring buildings, in addition to which a level for visiting exhibitions without any internal columns provides maximum interior flexibility. From April 3 to 29,

2012 the project ‘Hyllis’ is being shown in the Bündner Kunstmuseum in Chur.

Groundbreaking ceremony for the City of Zurich’s longest hall

For the maintenance of the new double-decker, long-distance rail fleet of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) a start was made on Friday, 16 March

2012 with the construction of a new, 420-metre-long service facility that will have a 4000-square-metre photovoltaic array on its roof. The south facade that

stands on the threshold between the city and the railway tracks is passed by hundreds of trains daily and presents itself as a three-dimensional

relief made of fibre cement. Commencement of operations at the facility is planned for the end of 2013.

Lecture and discussion: Internal urbanism as a conceptual emphasis in the œuvre of EM2N

In the framework of discussion series ‘ARCH+ features’ and the publication of the latest issue of ARCH+ 205 Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli together

with architecture theorist Stephan Trüby talk about the conceptual focus of the ‘internal urbanism’ and the ‘aesthetics of appropriation’ that they employ as architectural

strategies in their work. The focus here is on the Toni-Areal currently under construction. On Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 7 pm in the

Vortragssaal of the ZHdK, Ausstellungsstrasse 60 in Zurich.

Learning from Tokyo – exhibition and symposium

In the framework of the exhibition that showcases small scale housing projects by young, creative architecture offices in Japan, EM2N participates in the symposium

on Saturday, March 10, 2012, 2.30 to 4.30 pm at the Architekturforum Zürich. The exhibition and the symposium focus on the potential of the

comparison of strategies and solutions from Tokyo and Zurich to produce spaces and places which are meaningful, enjoyable and sustainable and yet more dense

and diverse than what we are used to today.

The Architectural Model – Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia

In a field of tension defined by the model’s function as a tool, fetish or a small utopia around 200 exhibits are paid tribute

in a show that presents them as a medium for illustration and design and includes a Plexiglas concept model of the new Toni Site

in Zurich. The use of this transparent material means that, unlike in a conventional model, both inside and outside are equally visible. The exhibition

runs from 25 May to 16 September 2012 in DAM, Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt am Main.

The arrows at the Hardbrücke

Graphic signs that form part of our everyday lives, such as the newly interpreted arrow symbols used at Hardbrücke station, become part of our

collective memory and make a lasting impact on visual culture. Photographs and selected materials from the design process of upgrading Hardbrücke railway station in

Zurich are on show in the exhibition ‘100 Years of Swiss Graphic Design’ from 10 February to 3 June 2012 in the Museum für

Gestaltung Zürich.

Greencity Zürich Süd: EM2N is among the front runners

The forward-looking urban district Greencity is to be developed and carried out on the Sihl-Manegg site in Zürich Süd under the guiding theme ‘Industrial

Past – Urban Future’. In the project competition for the first three building sites on which co-operatives plan to erect housing, the EM2N project

‘Guido, Alex & Vic’ was awarded first prize ex aequo for building site A and a third prize for building site B3S.

The new year brings changes

On January 10, 2012, at 10.01 am, the new EM2N website has been released!


EM2N win study commission for a new urban district

Both Monosuisse and the community of Emmen are convinced by the winner of the first prize, the project ‘Paestum’. It shows how an urban

district can be developed on the 90’000 m2 industrial site in Emmenbrücke, Switzerland, where, alongside Monosuisse, space is also provided for businesses, offices, apartments,

education and culture. The industrial character and the green areas of parkland beside the water will give this urban district an interesting and highly

individual note. A series of visualizations of this new district is included in the online article of the Neue Luzerner Zeitung.

Facade finally mounted

The facade of the Keystone Office Building in Prague is finally mounted. Completion is scheduled for spring 2012.

Topping-out ceremony at the Swiss Film Archive

The topping-out ceremony took place on November 24, 2011 at the Swiss Film Archive in Penthaz. The continuous construction progress can be followed on

the website of the Cinémathèque (Swiss Film Archive) all around the clock.

International Summer Academy

The two-week-long International Summer Academy Zurich, from July 22 – August 5, 2012, is directed at students and those embarking upon their professional careers

in the areas of architecture / urban planning and landscape architecture from Switzerland and abroad. The vision ‘Glatt – the City‘ produced by the

Architects Group Krokodil for a new city near Zurich provides the conceptual basis. The application period starts on January 20, 2012.

EM2N in ‘Architecture Dialogues – Positions Concepts Visions’

In ‘Architecture Dialogues’, nine interviewers talk with 30 leading Swiss architects about guiding themes, directions and perspectives in their theoretical explorations and building projects.

Niggli Verlag, 628 pages, CHF 78.-, ISBN 978-3-7212-0801-6 (German edition), ISBN 978-3-7212-0801-3 (English edition).

Symposium at the TU Munich

Daniel Niggli takes part in the symposium ‘Im Herzen der Stadt’ (‘In the Heart of the City’) on November 18, 2011, at 3.50 pm,

TU Munich, Germany. What is the city in which we live today and wish to live in the future, and what could it be?

What must urban spaces and urban architecture provide so that they are perceived as contributions that reflect the culture of their times and benefit

everyday life? (Chair for Integrated Construction, TU Munich)

Sofia Architecture Week 2011

Mathias Müller gives a lecture during Sofia Architecture Week 2011 on November 5, 2011, 6.30 – 7.30 pm at Perform Business Center Sofia, Bulgaria.

This year’s theme is ‘Architecture Unlimited?’. Sometimes architecture alone is not enough and the solutions needed are beyond its capabilities. The festival investigates the

transformative power of architecture and analyses its abilities to extend boundaries.

11th Brunel Awards 2011 – commendation for the Viaduct Arches

The prestigious Brunel Awards are presented to a number of the best projects in railway architecture, graphics, industrial design and art, technical infrastructure and

environmental integration, rolling stock, as well as examples of overall design quality across the world’s railways. Following the 2008 Award for the upgrading of

Hardbrücke Railway Station, this year EM2N receives a second commendation for its Viaduct Arches project.

EM2N takes part in Architecture Week Prague 2011

The model of the Keystone Office Building can be seen at the exhibition Arch Cities from October 10 – 23, which is shown in

the Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anne in Prague Castle in Czech Republic. The exhibition is accompanied by lectures in Balling's hall in the

National Technical Library. The lectures given include one by Gerry Schwyter, associate of EM2N, on October 19 at 8 pm.

IM VIADUKT – City of Zurich award for good buildings and public’s prize

This year the City of Zurich awards its prize for good buildings for the 16th time. The Viaduct Arches are one of the 11

winning projects. The citizens of Zurich also found this project, known as IM VIADUKT, the most convincing project – and so this year the

prize determined by the public went to EM2N’s conversion of the railway arches. In assessing the entries the jury applied the following criteria: level

of integration in the urban plan, quality of architecture and construction and level of innovation. The projects are being shown in the Museum für

Gestaltung Zürich from September 30 to October 9, 2011.

Panel discussion on the Glatttalstadt

Panel discussion with Mathias Müller and Raphael Frei from the Architects Group Krokodil about the Glatttal city and premiere of the film ‘Glatt –

the City’ at 7.30 pm, September 23, 2011, in the Mehrzweckhalle Schwerzenbach, Switzerland.

Glatt – the City

The Architects Group ‘Krokodil’ and Chris Niemeyer from Plan B celebrate their first film. In the framework of the event ‘Alles muss weg! 9

Tage urbaner Ausverkauf’ (Everything must go! Nine-day-long urban sale) in Schiffbau Zurich. Lecture and film presentation by Daniel Niggli and Frank Zierau. At 2

pm on September 24, 2011.

Exhibition ‘Hochhaus – Wunsch und Wirklichkeit’

A model of the Toni Site at a scale of 1:100 is on display in the exhibition ‘Hochhaus – Wunsch und Wirklichkeit’ from August 31, 2011 to January 2, 2012 in the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.

Start of construction on Neufrankengasse in Zurich

The five-storey new building that stands directly beside the railway tracks contains 29 condominiums ranging in size from 2.5 to 5.5 rooms, each one

has a special geometry and, in some cases, extra-high rooms. Scheduled completion: end of 2012.

Keystone Office Building Prague

Finalisation of the concrete shell. Completion is scheduled for the beginning of next year. This new building has shops and showrooms on the ground

floor with office spaces on the 1st – 7th floor. It forms a kind of gateway situation at a prominent location in Karlín, a

district of Prague, Czech Republic, currently undergoing rapid change, at the corner of Pobrežni Street and Saldova Street.

Start of construction in Hammergut

The excavators have started work on the Hammer farmstead in Cham, Switzerland. This marks a new chapter in the history of this 150-year old

farmstead that was previously used for agricultural purposes. The aim is to create an ensemble with a dense atmosphere, in which old and new

buildings can coexist – the typology of the buildings reinterprets the existing fabric and develops it further. The intention is that a lively mix

of space for living and working will remain the trademark of the Hammergut.


Successful defence of title

EM2N wins the Zurich Architects Football Tournament once again. “Since the holding of the first Zurich Architects Football Tournament no other team has successfully

defended the title in the following year …” (Architekturforum Zürich)


Musée Cantonale de Beaux-Arts in Lausanne

EM2N wins 4th place in the competition for the new Musée Cantonale de Beaux-Arts (MCBA) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Competition project for University Campus in Muttenz

Honorable mention for the project ‘Albert’ by EM2N in the competition for the new building at the Campus in Muttenz, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW.


CANactions 2011

EM2N present their work at an exhibition of the CANactions International Youth Architecture Festival in Kiev, Ukraine, from 28 April to 30 May 2011.

CANactions provides young architects and architecture students with a platform for communication and sharing their ideas.

Symposium: ‘Europa wohnt’. May 21, 2011

In the context of the Architektursommer (Architecture Summer) Rhein-Main 2011 EM2N speak in the Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany about their projects and about current tendencies

in the area of new housing. The symposium is intended to show “how diverse and innovative the everyday building commission ‘housing’ can actually be,

how ambitiously it is carried out and the impact it has on the culture of building in Europe” (Architektursommer Rhein-Main).

Symposium: ‘Ground Floor Interface’. May 20, 2011

Daniel Niggli and Mathias Müller take part at Symposium ‘Ground Floor Interface’ at the Technische Universität, Munich. The conference addresses the threshold of public

and private at ground level, where the ‘parterre’ adjoins the public, semi-public and private spheres. The hypothesis is that the conflicts between public and

private interests, apparent within the ground floor zone, could generate processes that might lead to innovative solutions for individual spatial requirements.

Mock-up of Keystone Office Building in Prague

Completion of the housing project ‘Im Forster’

Open day at ‘Im Forster’ in Zurich-Fluntern, Switzerland, on May 7, 2011 from 2 to 5 pm. The residential building ‘Gärnterei’ is one of

three new buildings in this former park and is the result of a study carried out by EM2N for the redesign of the site.

The outcome is an ensemble of buildings that are differentiated in both typological and morphological terms, and are oriented on the scale of the

landscape and the moods of the park.

Open day at the Culture and Congress Centre in Thun

On Saturday, April 2, 2011 from 10 am to 17 pm on Seestrasse 68 in Thun, Switzerland.

Laying of the foundation stone for the Swiss Film Archive

The foundation stone for the extension to the Cinémathèque Suisse in Penthaz has been laid. This represents the first construction phase. The 2nd phase

starts in 2013; the official opening is planned for 2015. On the website of the Cinémathèque you can follow what is happening on the

building site all around the clock.

Site visit to Riedpark in Zug

The first phase of the Riedpark housing development in Zug, Switzerland, has been completed. Visit on Thursday, March 24, 2011 from 5 to 7

pm. A project in collaboration with Müller Sigrist Architects.

Focus, DRS 3

Mathias Müller and Daniel Niggli are guests in the programme ‘Focus’ on Monday, March 21, 2011 from 8 to 9 pm on Radio DRS3.

Umsicht – Regards – Sguardi 2011

National award of the SIA (Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects) ‘Umsicht – Regards – Sguardi 2011’: EM2N’s IM VIADUKT project, the conversion of

a railway viaduct in an industrial district of Zurich, receives an honorable mention.

Planning application for the International Centre for Competitive and Popular Sports

Former tennis champion Pete Sampras presents the planning application for the ‘International Centre for Competitive and Popular Sports IZLB’ to the City of Winterthur.


Study ‘Dukta’ in collaboration with the ZHdK. Mock-Up 1:1

Support for the IZLB in Winterthur

The Swiss Ice Hockey Association has spoken out in favour of a training centre in the ‘International Centre for Competitive and Popular Sports IZLB’ in Winterthur, Switzerland.


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Riedpark housing development – the final spurt of the 1st phase

Plan for the ‘City in the Glatttal in 2060’

Where is Zurich growing most rapidly? Probably in the Glattal! Is the result of this growth a ‘Glatttal city’? Hardly, if one simply allows

things to happen. There must be an expressed desire for a city – and it must be designed. The Architects Group Krokodil postulates a

change of paradigms in the Glatttal and draws up the plan for the ‘City in Glatttal in the year 2060’ (intermediate state).

Radical vision of a large city

The Architects Group Krokodil shows the ‘radical vision’ of a large city in the Glatttal. Contribution to the programme ‘Schweiz Aktuell’, shown on Swiss television on January 20, 2011.

Glatttal Study published in ‘Hochparterre’

The Glatttal Study by the Architects Group Krokodil is published in the January / February 2011 issue of ‘Hochparterre’.

Glatttal Study at an urban planning discussion

Large city in the Glatttal: Hochparterre and the Architects Group Krokodil issue an invitation to an urban planning discussion on January 31, 2011 from 6 to 8 pm in the Glatt shopping centre.

Construction site of residential project Rue Rebière, Paris