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Housing Im Forster

The park complex Im Forster was built in accordance with a master plan. Five very different building lots were positioned so that, despite the introduction of new functions, the parkland would be preserved in the best possible way. The building lot ‘Gärtnerei’ is on Forsterstrasse and its character is shaped by the tall trees of a small wood in the south. Together with the planting that creates a filter towards the former tennis court a spatially introverted, atmospheric clearing is created. The gesture made by the L-shaped building creates an arrival area on the street side and on the park side a garden space that guarantees all the apartments the greatest possible expansiveness and openness towards the internal space of the park. Clad in white-painted wood, the building stands on an exposed concrete plinth containing a garage and studios. The shape of the roof seems to reduce the building volume. Inside, apartments of very different kinds are created which, depending on their position, face in two or even three directions or have higher rooms that extend into the roof zone.

Photographs: © Roger Frei, Zurich
Model photographs: © Roger Frei, Zurich

Index: 063 ZHB
Dates: Competition 2004 · Planning phase 2007–2010 · Construction phase 2009–2011

Team EM2N
Partners: Mathias Müller, Daniel Niggli · Associates: Fabian Hörmann (competition), Bernd Druffel (execution) · Project leader (execution): Verena Lindenmayer · Project team: Vanessa Chacón, Marita Gelze de Montiel, Sandra Gonon, Matthias Heberle, Frank Herzog, Peter Jenni, Jörn Küsters, Sarah Kullak, Morten Krog, Sven Lechner, Yoshihiro Nagamine, Lucas Krupp, Tanja Schmid, Maria Skjerbaek, Basil Spiess, Atsushi Tarutani

Specialist planners
Landscape architecture: Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, Zurich (former Schweingruber Zulauf Landschaftsarchitekten) · Construction management: b+p baurealisation AG, Zurich · Civil engineer: Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG, Zurich (former WGG Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG) · Facade planning: PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG, Rain (former Pirmin Jung Ingenieure für Holzbau AG) · Planning heating / ventilation / air-conditioning and sanitary services: EBP Schweiz AG, Zurich (former Ernst Basler + Partner AG) · Electrical services planning: EBP Schweiz AG, Zurich (former Ernst Basler + Partner AG)

Zurich, Switzerland

Competition, 1st prize




Ateliers, Housing, Parking

5,950 m2